Your home, like life, is a series of evolutions and special moments. Tackle these mini projects yourself — and sometimes with help! — and you'll create a space that's truly your own.

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Restyle your bookcase - Strip off those garish dust jackets, assemble an arsenal of pretty like-colored objects, and paint the back wall of the shelf a calm — or glamazonian — hue to make it all pop.

DIY custom shelving units that make your home stand out
Unique shelving units. Source: Jonny Valiant

Wrap books in shimmery marbleized paper - Available at craft stores, it makes even the fluffiest beach read look smart. Luxe much?

Marble book paper. Source: Lara Robby/Studio D 

Good lighting changes everything - This update doesn't require an electrician: Mount a plug-in sconce to spotlight a painting or your nighttime reading. Illuminating!

Exquisite interior lighting fixtures
Interior lighting design. Source: Serena & Lily

Class up cabinets with knobs that wow you - You can swap out the pulls yourself in minutes.

Visual mishmash out, big beauty moment in! - Take down all the pictures in a room and rehang them as one statement-making gallery wall.

Colorful splashes of paint everywhere in a living room
Bright living room painting. Source: Jonny Valiant

Upgrade your shower nozzle - It's not your water pressure, it's your showerhead. Switch it out for Waterpik's Torrent PowerSpray. It feels like a downpour. In the Maldives. ($35, Waterpik)

Include a surprise in each room - It worked for Holly Golightly and her bathtub sofa.

Bathroom or living room design? You decide
Bathtub sofa! Source: Target

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