Not all yards are big, but all patios are big at heart. If your patio isn’t as large as you’d like it to be, or if space is an issue where you live, try out these small patio decorating ideas. It’s just enough to add some decor, but not overly ostentatious. So check out this article if your patio can be described as “fun-sized.”

”My ideal summer day was reading on the porch.” - Harold E. Varmus

Pretty in Pink

This pink patio is very feminine and secure
Even the brickwork is slightly pink. Source: Good news

Pink is the new black, and that can apply to your patio furniture as well. The small patio ideas Pinterest has to offer point to a total color revamp for the patio. Switch everything out with pink, if you can. The pillows, cases, linens, everything can match. It goes especially well with a white contrast. So think Easter and liven things up with a pink backdrop. Get the following in pink:

  • Table
  • Chairs
  • Umbrella
  • Brickwork
  • Runners
  • Sofa
  • Deck paint
  • Glasses
  • Flowers
  • Planters

Furniture Strategy

This Amazon beauty can be yours
It's a bench that folds out. Source: Amazon

When you have a small patio, furniture placement is key. Folding tables and chairs, nesting tables, or two-in-one pieces such as ottomans are your friend here. If you can find a folding bench, even better. These narrow patio ideas are guaranteed space savers.

Vertical Garden

Hang your plants vertically
Hanging planters are all you need to get started. Source: Country Living

The best way for green thumbs to enjoy gardening around a tiny patio is with the ever practical vertical garden. A vertical garden allows you to plant as many flowers, herbs, or veggies as you can with the limited space afforded to you. It’s a great way to grow things in a tiny space. Other small patio garden ideas include:

  • Tiny greenhouse
  • Rooftop garden
  • Living herb rack
  • Vines or creeping flowers
  • Rock garden
  • Zen garden

Rustic Mountain Retreat

The rustic look usually turns out well
Wooden furniture never fails for patios. Source: Cowboy Logs

Some chairs, some firewood, a country song, and perhaps a southern tale. That’s all you need to achieve this classic rustic look for a small patio. Not only is it easy to do, it’s easy on the eyes. Rustic design is perfect for small patio ideas on a budget.

Narrow Patio? Narrow Table

Eat at the long table for big family gatherings
Perfect for large, outdoor parties. Source: HGTV

Sometimes the best solution is the easiest. In this decor equivalent of “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em,” a narrow patio may just simply call for a narrow table to make the most use of the space available. It’s easy and it works. Or figure out what works for your own narrow patio ideas.

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