One of the best ways to expand the living space of a basic home is to construct a screened porch from a deck. This is a project that can have various degrees of difficulty, based on the desired results. One thing for a homeowner to keep in mind is certain questions need to be answered before planning a project. This is a task that is often complex and not suited for a novice DIY homeowner.

Important Questions

Homeowners need to ask themselves a few basic questions when considering a screened porch.

What is the main purpose for the completed screen porch? Is the screen porch meant for certain seasons of the year? Will the completed space be for informal use or as a finished area?

These questions are meant to help you develop a design for the project and a suitable budget. A deck is often an open area and a screened porch will require a roof. This will add additional weight to the deck and means the foundation needs to support the extra weight.

Design Options

Your imagination is the only limitation to the design options when converting any deck into a screened porch. Contractors who can complete these conversions often have examples of previous work you can view online. These pictures can be used for inspiration and to help you determine if any special options or features should be incorporated into the design.

One of the best ways to add a screened area to a deck with no roof is to set up a collapsible gazebo or a screen tent. These can often be found online or at any sporting goods store. They are often easy to set up and can be securely attached to any deck. The only other option is to hire a contractor to construct a custom screened porch for your deck.

Roofing Options

There are many options available for roofing materials when building a roof over a deck. You can have a wood frame built or install light fiberglass panels. The best option is to have a roof structure that will blend into the existing roof of your home. Your options will be based on the look or result that needs to be achieved. One thing to keep in mind is every roof option has its own benefits and specific costs.

Screen Options

The material that is used for the screens on a porch will also vary. One option is to use panels that have been prefabricated for easy installation. Another option is to add a roll up screen to one open areas of the deck, if a roof and framing are in place. However, any extra amenities that are added will increase the total cost of the project.

Deck Concerns

Existing decks will not be bug-proof after screen panels have been added. There are gaps between each of the deck boards where insects can invade. One option is to cover the surface of the deck using carpet that is designed for use outdoors. Another solution is to staple gardening felt to the underside of a deck if a homeowner wants to maintain the unique look of their deck. Garden felt allows the deck to drain water and keep out any bothersome insects.

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