There are plenty of moving parts when it comes to remodeling and it can be hard to know how to get the most bang for your buck. If you’re looking for an updated look in your home, consider investing in a bathroom remodel - it’s usually cheaper than a kitchen remodel, it’s easier to live around while the remodel takes place (as long as you have a second bathroom to use), and it can have a sizable return on investment when done right. And adding a bathroom if your space is one short can be a huge selling point, but you don’t want to get stuck with a new bathroom that looks old. Whether you need the space, you’re preparing to sell, or you simply hope to get more enjoyment out of your space, knowing the latest trends in bathroom remodeling can help you to make informed decisions and create a space you’ll absolutely love. Read on for your all-in-one guide to a bathroom that’ll create a splash, and get ready to call in the professionals to get started!


A bathroom sink designed just for washing
Wash sink Source: Pixel Mess

When it comes to washing your hands and brushing your teeth, you’re probably spending a decent amount of time standing over the sink, right? It’s easy to tell when money is spent well in a bathroom and updating your sink can only be a good thing. Undermount sinks, especially trough sinks, are very in for 2016, and luckily they’re usually much cheaper than the bowl variety that sits above the counter. A trough sink, like the one shown above, can sub for a his-and-hers set up by choosing a longer option and adding an additional faucet.


A shower tub for your bathroom remodeling
Shower tub Source: HGTV

Whirlpools are out and standing showers are in, and with extras - double showerheads and comfy shower seats. Having a rainfall style showerhead with a separate handheld sprayer allows for a more enjoyable bathing experience, and for overtired bathers and elderly homeowners, shower seats are the must-have of this year. Stylish options in seating are far more luxurious than the formerly popular shower/tub combo, though if you do enjoy a nice soak in the tub, 2016 will be the year of the return to stand-alone tubs with mounted tub fillers. Consider investing in both the standing shower plus a freestanding tub if you have the space!

New and Improved

Using light fixtures to jazz up the bathroom tiles
Jazzy lights Source: AZ Big Media

It’s no secret that bathrooms use a lot of water and light, but technology is evolving and time are changing to better manage a homeowner’s bathroom experience. Innovations this year include improved extras like heated floors from the bedroom to the shower, anti-fog mirrors above the sink, and lights in the shower rather than just outside. Resolve to be extra responsible (or extra budget-conscious) for 2016? Consider splurging on a new, high-tech, energy efficient showerhead or toilet to keep up with the times.


Light green base tile colors to choose from
Color accents Source: Lushome

Adding color to a bathroom can be tricky, but leaving a boring beige lingering around the space can make it look old and outdated. The trick is to find a good base color and add brighter accents, or go bold with richer colors in a larger room. White appliances are in, and purples like mauve and lilac are very 2016. Gray is also making a comeback, in part due to its versatility and ability to match almost any accent color via subtle undertones. Calming hues like emerald green and teal are being used in combination with natural colors (and even indoor plants!) to create a bathroom oasis you won’t want to leave. And don’t shy away from using a touch of pink this year; it can add just the pop of color your space needs!


New interior fashion trends for home bathrooms
Wooden bathroom options Source: In My Interior

From the vanity to the visible plumbing it’s important to consider what materials to use for your new, 2016 style. Interior designers are currently favoring natural materials like wood and stone in the bathroom for floors, countertops, and sink design. If you’re more into the industrial chic style that’s competing for the limelight this year, you might think about using brushed or satin nickel, chrome, or even a fancier rose gold for faucets and handles. And of course, tile is never the wrong way to go, but this year opt for larger tiles that incorporate creative colors and designs in installation or you’ll wind up with a bathroom that blends in with the rest. Find the 2016 trend that calls to you and stand out!

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