If you’re considering the idea of installing a tankless water heater in your home, but you’re still having second thoughts, this article is just what you need to read. So, in case doubts like “is a tankless water heater worth it?” or “are tankless water heaters better?” are crossing your mind, scroll down and check out this analysis to help you out.

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(Almost) Instant Hot Water

Having constant hot water is, in fact, a dream come true.
Having constant hot water is, in fact, a dream come true. Image source: Bob Vila

Most people want to have instant hot water and also avoid running out of it while they’re still taking a shower. And well, a tankless water heater might just provide you that. As a matter of fact, it’ll probably take about 10 seconds for the water to be hot, but as long as the water is running, it’ll be hot.

Longer Lifespan + Warranties

Have you ever wondered what is the life expectancy of a tankless water heater? Well, a tankless water heater model can last up to 20 years, that’s twice as long as standard water heaters. And because of that, their warranties also lasts longer - the same average of the lifespan: up to 20 years.

Lower Month-to-Month Costs

A tankless water heater is expected to last about 20 years.
A tankless water heater is expected to last about 20 years. Image source: Ana White

Since they make hot water on demand, not running constantly, that helps save some money energy-wise. Even though they have a higher initial cost and may take a while to pay off (which you’ll read more about on the “cons” section), the month-to-month cost will definitely be an advantage point to the tankless water heater.

Electric and Gas Available

Depending on what you wish to achieve at home, either gas or electric models can help you. Despite natural gas models being more common, if your home requires rerouting the gas lines, an electric tankless heater is a solution.

Ideal for Small Homes

One of the biggest advantages of tankless water heaters is that they’re perfect if you have a small home. Since they’re so much smaller than storage models, that’s a huge space saver. Plus, they help eliminate standby loss!


Limited Supply + Inconsistent Temperatures

Some people complain about inconsisten temperatures when more than one water source is open in the house.
Some people complain about inconsistent temperatures when more than one water source is open in the house. Image source: This Old House

One of the biggest consumer’s complaint is the inconsistent temperatures, this usually happens when there’s more than one water source running at the same time. For example, if someone is showering and another person turns on the dishwasher. That’s another reason why tankless water heaters are ideal for smaller homes, when there’s a big house and a big family, they won’t be as efficient.

Higher Initial Cost

As I mentioned before, a tankless water heater will have a higher initial cost. Not only the heater itself is more expensive, but the installation price will also go up since it requires a trained professional for the job.

But, what is the average cost to install a tankless water heater?

That will depend on the region of the country you’re living in. If you’re in Charlotte, NC, for example, the average to install it is $846. However, if you’re in Dickinson, ND the price is $1,068. Only by reaching a local professional you’ll be able to get the most accurate estimate!

Additional Equipment + Maintenance Necessary

You'll be needing constant maintenance.
You'll be needing constant maintenance. Image source: Family HandyMan

It’s not certain whether you’ll need a water softener to help your tankless water heater work properly. However, that often happens, so regular maintenance will be necessary to keep the warranty valid, which comes as extra costs.

Rerouting Gas Lines

One of the factors that make the installation price be higher than traditional tank heaters is that the tankless model needs the gas lines to be rerouted (unless you opt for the electric model we mentioned earlier). You may even need to add additional venting, so that’s some careful planning and budgeting you have to do before making your decision.

Have you decided on getting the tankless water heater? Find a local professional and get a free quote for the job!

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