Thanksgiving is when fall decoration reaches maximum overdrive - bring out your pinecones, pumpkins, dry leaves, festive candles, and DIY turkeys.

You can always improvise centerpieces and tablescapes and even create masterful works of art with the right tips, but while we’re certainly dabbling in that (hint hint), today we’re looking into Thanksgiving decorations for the rest of the house. We’ve got wreaths for your front door, a pinecone turkey the kids can craft, and festive candles for, well, anywhere you want!

And we know Thanksgiving is not exactly the easiest time for the family’s party organizer/chef, so these aren’t meant to take up all your time. They’re easy and quick to make, but still awesome!

1. Cork Pumpkin

A beautiful and easy cork pumpkin!
A beautiful and easy cork pumpkin! Source: My Gourmet Connection

Beautiful and very easy to make - the perfect duo everyone looks for in every DIY ever. No great mystery here, all you need are some wine corks, scissors, a paintbrush, a hot glue gun…simple stuff, really. Then it’s a simple matter of assembling it together to create a lovely wine cork pumpkin.

Check out the full tutorial here!

2. Festive Candle Holders

Festive candles are great for Thanksgiving.
Festive candles are great for Thanksgiving. Source: Midwest Living

Simply tie corn husks with raffia around festive candle holders for a remarkably unique piece of decor that will impress the guests. Simple and elegant is the rule around here!

If you plan on having corn for some Thanksgiving recipe, you can use those husks for this project. If not, you can easily find corn husks for sale.

3. Thanksgiving Garland

A thanksgiving garland to decorate any room!
A thanksgiving garland to decorate any room! Source: Martha Stewart

The kitchen area is usually filled with that Thanksgiving vibe, whether it is for the food or because it’s where most people hang around during Thanksgiving. That’s why the rest of the home needs that extra flair of the holiday - an easy way is to decorate with this adorable Thanksgiving pie garland, as seen here.

Just don’t forget to actually have Thanksgiving pie for the guests, otherwise it will just give them cravings.

4. Pinecone Turkey

This one is so easy even the kids can make!
This one is so easy even the kids can make! Source: Ruche

Even the kids can help make this adorable-looking pinecone turkey - you really only need six things and it’s very easy to put together.

Then you can use it to complement the tablescape, decorate the entryway, or even as a souvenir to give the guests!

5. DIY Thanksgiving Wreath

Simple idea to decorate the front door!
Simple idea to decorate the front door! Source: Modcloth

Wreaths are common around Thanksgiving and for good reason - everyone loves a beautiful fall wreath.

Also there are many dry leaves around.

This one looks so cool that your guests might think you bought it or had a professional artist make it, but nope, it really is a DIY you can make with about 4 or 5 things. Seriously, take a look!

6. Thanksgiving Fortune Cookies

A nice souvenir for the guests!
A nice souvenir for the guests! Source: House of Lavande

Adorable souvenir to offer guests and family alike! And as the image above clearly shows, there’s no secret - just a piece of paper and a fold, and it’s done. You can write your own cute messages to offer family and friends!

Feel free to use any template you like for the leaf pattern!

7. Bleached Pinecones

Pinecones are awesome!
Pinecones are awesome! Source: Garden Therapy

Pinecones became a symbol of fall, so it’s common to see DIY projects where we stylize them for something simple, yet elegant.

So how about instead of painting them, you bleach pinecones to make them lose color and get a brighter, but still natural look? It’s not that hard to do, you just need to plan in advance because of the time it might take. You can learn all about right here!

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