With pre-season just beginning and all the big-box stores about to put their stock of TVs on sale for the first time all year, it is officially time to upgrade your home’s entertainment system! Don’t settle for watching the biggest games of the season on the old CRT TV you’ve had since your first apartment and don’t let your neighbor’s home theater set-up be the talk of the neighborhood for another year! Just use this simple guide to the hottest things in TVs, sound systems, and home theater system installations to make your home the perfect place to touchdown for this football season.

The Best TV for Football Season

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Sports are unlike just about anything else on TV. They’re fast, they’re colorful, and the entire game can hinge on the smallest of details. Unfortunately, this tends to be a problem for modern TVs since fast processing of action always tends to be less clear than anything else. Plasma TVs used to be the standby to reduce this effect but today you’ll have a tough time finding one for sale, let alone one that’s big enough to crowd your entire team around.

Luckily, LCD/LED TVs (the reigning champs of the TV market in 2015) are getting better and better over time at clearly showing high rates of action, while also improving the depth of color clarity with each new generation. What’s more, LCD/LED TVs are available in sizes ranging from a humble 30 inch to the “right on the field” feel of 50 and 60 inches with even bigger options available (though admittedly at a steep cost increase). To make a great case for the year-round value of your TV choice consider Smart TVs which can handle everything from watching the Pats win another Super Bowl ring to being your home’s main computer, Netflix hub, and video game station!

The Best Sound System for Football Season

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Unlike TV set-ups which, by-and-large, consist of LCD/LED options, home theater projectors, and occasional innovations like 4K and curved TVs, sound systems which homeowners can choose from for their new home theater installation are incredibly customizable in terms of size, power, and cost! Generally speaking the best style of sound system would be a top quality surround sound system featuring multiple speakers in multiple locations throughout the room. These systems are a perfect fit for just about any budget since they can range from 2 speaker systems to 7,8, or 9 speakers installed throughout the space.

That said, for home theater set-ups where a less busy look is needed other options including a soundbar system, which is entirely focused on imitating the surround sound feel with a single high tech speaker system, are gaining momentum as the stereo option to beat. In either case, it’s important to focus on maintaining a quality balance between low-tone speakers and high to receive the truest sound possible for every good and bad call of the season ahead.

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