Last year the creative and crafty community over at Pinterest brought a lot of wonderful and one of a kind projects to the world and whether you followed through with every last one or just pinned a few to tackle down the road, there was a lot to be inspired by in 2015. If you happened to miss some of the best that the year had to offer, though, you’re in luck! Pinterest is beginning 2016 with a specialized board called the Pinterest 100 for 2016. On it you’ll find some of the coolest, cleverest, and coziest pins that people are still buzzing over. Of all those amazing finds we’ve dug through and found the absolute best home remodeling ideas the Pinterest community has to offer! Get inspired with the styles, decor, and DIY plans below!

Chic DIY Typographic Art

Chic typographic art is a must for anyone looking to update their decor. Source: A Beautiful Mess

The walls of your home are the backdrop of all the entertaining, relaxing, and memory-making that takes place inside. Even more, they’re a canvas for your personal style to be expressed and to turn the house you bought into the home you adore. That’s why you’re sure to love this stylish DIY typographic art project! Take hold of every detail involved in the artwork that your home’s walls are going to feature and give yourself an entirely one of a kind piece to enjoy.

Embracing Neutral Color Palettes

Natural color palettes are very trendy. Source: Studio M

Don’t get us wrong, here. There’s a lot to be gained by bring splashes of bright and bold color into your interior design but for a degree of consistency, timelessness, and soothing serenity nothing beats interior painting projects that celebrate the soft subtlety of grays and creams as well as the stark strength of pure whites and jet blacks. The neutral color palette has steadily been part of the most stylish homes through the years and you can bet that 2016 will embrace the style just as much.

Small Spaces with Big Functionality

Make the most of your small space with hidden and practical storage options. Source: Viral Nova

Since about 2008 homeowners have been turning from projects like additions and expansions to projects focused on making the most of the space they already have. As a result a brand new wave of creative design and usability has hit the market. From combination drawer/cutting boards in the kitchen to hide-away outlets, storage, and more all throughout the house, these crafty homeowners are redefining what having a small home means in 2016.

African Inspired Decor Features

Use African-inspired decor pieces to update your style. Source: The Interiors Addict

To bring a touch of the exotic into your interior design consider the distinctive earthy charm of African inspired furniture, accents, and artwork. Interior designers and decorators all over the world have begun to explore the vast world of African design elements and homeowners are quickly growing to love the look and feel of these features in any style of interior design. 2016 certainly is shaping up to be a year of stylistic journeys and exploration and embracing the warmth and strength of African inspired home decor items is an excellent place to start!

Mesmerizing Geometric Tiles

Geometric tiles add a bold style to the bathroom. Source: My Domaine

Tile has always been and will always be a part of striking stylish homes around the country. In the year ahead, however, the plain old appearance of tile flooring, backsplashes, showers, and countertops has been spun on its head as homeowners embrace bold statements with geometric patterns. The back and forth, pull and push of color which these designs create a momentary focal point that perfectly balances its weight in the room without becoming gaudy or distracting over time. Expect tile installers to be very eager to take on chic installation projects like these in 2016.

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