Every year, designers, decorators, style aficionados and everyone who loves being on top of the latest trends, wait anxiously for the announcement of the official color of the year. For the next season, Pantone has chosen a uniquely sophisticated color palette. Homeyou reviews everything, so you can incorporate the absolute hottest trends when it comes to colors, and have a fashionable, hype, and modern house.


The colorful passion of Pantone. Find out what it can do for your living room, bedroom, or wherever!
Exciting coloring options for interior painting

The long awaited color of 2015 was only recently revealed by Pantone, but it has already been seen in fashion collections, interior design, the automobile industry, and other diverse products and art pieces. It was inspired mainly by the Marsala wine, produced in the region surrounding Marsala, Sicily.The executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, Leatrice Eiseman, introduced the new color “Marsala”, a wine-influenced and red-kissed color, affirming it is “hardy, robust, satisfying, fulfilling. At the same time there’s a certain glamour that’s attached to this color”. Behind it, lies the idea of not choosing a color that will necessarily “overtake the world”, but that’s a complex and grounding shade, in this case, a brown-red with blue undertones to appear as a dark blush. There’s a natural feeling to it, it’s earthy and full bodied, without being flashy or all over the place. It’s the perfect balance of “confidence and stability”, adds Eiseman. This color is chic, seductive and involves you in a warm and inviting energy, like wine or the blush of flushed cheeks.

It’s time to get your home on trend and keep up with everything you need for maximum sophistication and style. Not only the new official color, but the whole palette for 2015, works perfectly for any idea you may have. There’s a variety of tones in warm and cold colors, and neutrals. Depending on your style and your personality, you can apply the color on whole walls or even the exterior, for a bold and hype new look. But also, it’s easy to just paint one wall or furniture, as well as adding accessories like pillows, vases, candles, and others. Have fun playing with the new Pantone palette. Your house will be renovated and get classy instantly.


The overall feeling and energy of the color palette revolves more on soft and cool colors, along with everything sophisticated and naturally glamorous. Softer brights, nature-like neutrals, pastels, and a dab of warmth makes a perfect palette for anyone who wishes to have an inviting atmosphere, without sacrificing tradition and timeless style. Check this out for an effortlessly gorgeous house.

Pantone Color palettes are super helpful when you're remodeling
Different Pantone paint options

“Many feel compelled to be connected around the clock because we are afraid we’ll miss something important. There’s a growing movement to step out and create ‘quiet zones’ to disconnect from technology and unwind, giving ourselves time to stop and be still. Color choices follow the same minimalistic, ‘en plein air’ theme, taking a cue from nature rather than being reinvented or mechanically manipulated, Soft, cool hues blend with subtle warm tones to create a soothing escape from everyday hustle to bustle.” - Leatrice Eiseman

PANTONE 14-4313 Aquamarine

Keywords: cool, calm, airy, dreamy, ethereal, watery feel

One of the lead colors of 2015, works like a charm as a stress reducer.

PANTONE 16-4725 Scuba Blue

Keywords: vibrant, excitement, energizing, exotic paradise, fantasy, playful

PANTONE 14-5714 Lucite Green

Keywords: soothing, fresh, cool, minty glow, light

PANTONE 19-4052 Classic Blue

Keywords: serene, thoughtful, traditional, chic, confidence, harmony, introspection

PANTONE 14-1213 Toasted Almond

Keywords: balance, sun-tanned neutral, summer, versatile, timeless, organic, authentic, natural

PANTONE 16-1720 Strawberry Ice

Keywords: refreshing, delicate, subtle, charming, delicious, healthy


PANTONE 15-1247 Tangerine

Keywords: energetic, juicy, spontaneous, bold, fun and smiley

PANTONE 13-0720 Custard

Keywords: sunny, sweet, relaxation, comfort, mellow, unexpected

PANTONE 18-1438 Marsala

Keywords: daring, healthy, inviting, confident, strong, rich, tasteful, sophisticated, seductive


PANTONE 14-4102 Glacier Gray

Keywords: cold, dominant, neutral, timeless, modern


PANTONE 16-4120 Dusk Blue

Keywords: sky inspired, faith, nostalgic, calm, collected, quiet


PANTONE 18-0135 Treetop

Keywords: fertile, natural, healthy, soothing, calming

Helps you breathe slowly, decreases production of stress hormones, positive for the nervous system.

PANTONE 18-0538 Woodbine

Keywords: neutral, classic, earthy, growth, evocative and liked to sense of smell evocative of freshly mown lawn . Wakes up the sense of adventure.

PANTONE 16-1328 Sandstone

Keywords: stable, well-grounded, wood, warm, real, simple, memorable, beautifully natural

PANTONE 17-4014 Titanium

Keywords: masculine, dominant, solid, strong, serious, modern, timeless, classic.

PANTONE 16-3310 Lavender Herb

Keywords; rich, nostalgic, surprising, intriguing, dreamy, creative, charming.

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