The gorgeous wind-swept landscapes of southern France have been a dream destination for Americans for generations, with the old world elegance of scenic French Country style homes dotting the imaginations of homeowners all across our country. In fact, the picturesque French Country style home has become such a prevalent and impactful favorite of American homeowners that today it can be found in just about every corner of the nation, in every instance lending a regal splendor and magnificence to the property. But just what is it about this architectural design that so inspires and captivates us? These are the features that truly define the French Country style and can lend any home that certain je ne sais quoi of the French countryside.

Hip Roof Designs for Provincial Points of Interest

French County home exterior design
Fancy exterior design

One of the most recognizable parts of the French Country architecture is a series of hip roof structures, each one adding complexity and austerity to the property as a whole. In the first days of this style’s construction, these series of roofs were designed both to allow for tall, comfortable rooms within the home and to pay homage to the castle-like appearance of historical ramparts. This same influence still plays a major role in the roof installations which the French Country style home features in America, particularly in those homes where the structural shape is made even more mysterious and alluring by a prominent tower point that allows for gorgeous views to those in the rooms within and to those viewing the home from outside.

Rustic-Inspired Exteriors that Invite and Comfort

French drain irrigation ditch
Exquisite outside decoration

Even from a distance a French Country style home strikes visitors with a strange sense of the exotic and romantic mixed with the warmth and comfort of days gone by. One of the major factors which contributes to this effect is the common use of multiple types of exterior siding installations on the same home. Far from the norm for most American residences, the use of materials like brick and wood or vinyl siding alongside one another achieves this same effect in the modern day. That said, for the most authentic French Country style possible for your home use a combination of natural stone motifs and stucco siding for your exterior and add antiquated flare with accent features including wrought iron gutters, decorative window shutters, or a stately wrought-iron fence.

Entering a World All Your Own: Windows and Doors

Landscaping that you can really be proud of
Exterior landscape and design

Another central tenet of the traditional French Country style of architecture, a clear, centralized main entrance is typically one of the most noteworthy points on the exterior of the house. Consider a decorative arch, highlighted with landscaping lights or decorative trim to house your home’s front door and use the central positioning as a guide for all window installations around it. The French Country style home revels in the gorgeous landscape it was first created in and so window installations should be fairly high in number. That said, to keep your projects under budget consider more decorative window installations as opposed to installing more windows of lesser visual appeal. You can make a significant impact with better quality than with greater quantity.

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