In an age where identity theft runs rampant, it makes sense to have a place to keep your important papers, family mementos, and any cash you choose to retain on hand. But a lockbox can be stolen, and safe keys can be lost or bent. Sometimes even the safe itself can be stolen! So what are homeowners to do? Well, don’t start hiding things in the walls of your home just yet. We’ve compiled this list of the best DIY concealed “safe spots” for all your treasures so that you can rest a little easier knowing they won’t be stolen, because they won’t be found!

The Book Of Secrets

Hidden secrets and wonders in a book
Hidden means safe CDN Makezine

As long as there have been books, there have been people hiding things in them. The “key” to a good hollow book is to use one that looks like it belongs with the rest of your collection. Plus, you can usually pick up old books at thrift shops or library sales for less than a dollar.

From Floor to Ceiling

Removable hardwood floor safe areas
In hardwood floors DIY Network

This hidden floor space is ideal for people who own their home. You could also line the space with plastic to make it more waterproof against spills or dampness damage.

The Door To Your Security

A door opens and a tiny smaller door also opens
Wood doors Makezine

This hidden door option is great for cash or USB drives. It also in one of the last places anyone would think to look.

Cold Cash

Life hacks: Safe in the soup
Modify a soup can Instructables

We’ve all heard of people hiding valuables in the fridge, but did you know there are cans specifically modified for that express purpose! These aren’t easy to make, so we tend to recommend buying one. Blend your “safe can” in with real cans of the same brand and stop worrying about your valuables staying safe!

Vacuum Hideaway        

A short term solution: hide it in the vacuum appliance
Vacuum appliance applications Family Handyman

Need a short term safe spot to store your papers while you go on vacation? Try your vacuum! Most vacuums with opaque dust bag panels can be used as short term storage in a pinch. Just make sure to wrap those papers in a plastic bag or manilla envelope first.

Planting The Money Tree

Flower gardens aren't just for backyards!
Potter hideaways Family Handyman

An old Advil bottle can be safest place around if you handle it correctly. Store cash in the empty bottle and bury it in a house plant or under a rock in the garden to thwart any who might want to relieve you of your finances.

These six tips won’t stop your home from home from being burglarized, but they will keep your items safe in the case that it is. As always, a strong door, a stronger lock and a home security system are the best defenses, but these are a great backup plan if those fail.

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