It’s easy to imagine a world of design possibilities when you have a big space to work with, but for homeowners planning a bathroom remodeling project for a space that’s a bit more on the cozy side, getting started on your remodel is often much more intimidating. That said, just because you’re focusing on a small bathroom remodel doesn't mean you have to be limited by what you can do and with the right planning a bit of fun and eccentric creativity you can have your small bathroom remodel make a big impact on your home’s look and feel!

The Right Lighting

Choosing the right lighting can make your cozy bathroom feel bigger.
Choosing the right lighting can make your cozy bathroom feel bigger.

Tricking the eye is actually a lot easier than you may think and with careful application of some tricks you can make your small bathroom seem much grander than it’s square footage would have you believe. To start, invest in lighting fixtures that maximize visibility in all parts of the room. This will do wonders to brightening the corners where even the smallest bathroom layout seems smaller thanks to encroaching shadows. As an added bonus, a small bathroom typically won’t demand too high of a price-tag for sufficient lighting design so long as the fixture used are strategic enough to maximize the light available in the space. To help with this further explore increasing the amount of natural light present with sheer window dressings and at least a few mirrored surfaces to bounce light around even more.

Elegant Transparency of Glass

In keeping with the idea of maximizing the visibility within your small bathroom, glass design elements are an excellent option for homeowners planning bathroom remodels in smaller spaces. In particular consider having frameless glass shower doors installed on your existing shower unit to create a separation that doesn't divide an already small space into two even smaller ones. Furthermore, accenting your small bathroom’s design with glass in storage elements like free-floating glass shelves or a glass panelled vanity is a simple way to lend a touch of modern elegance and a sense of spaciousness to your bathroom no matter how small it may be. If such a modern style isn't your particular favorite focus on clever design ideas like painting your new shelves the same color as the wall behind them to create the illusion of transparency nearly as effectively.

Small Space, Big Style

Having a small bathroom usually means lower remodeling cost.
Having a small bathroom usually results in lower remodeling costs.

Remodeling a small bathroom presents a unique opportunity to homeowners as expenses which are largely driven by the space being worked on are suddenly much more approachable. Use this to your advantage when you’re working on a small bathroom remodel by splurging on expenses like your choice of tile wall and flooring installation, fixture choice, and accenting features to make a statement with your decisions which can be as bold or as subdued as you’d like. You’ll be astonished by how much creative freedom is allowed simply by working on a smaller, less costly, and less conspicuous project like this. Explore your personal design taste in your small bathroom remodel on every detail from the color scheme to the pattern of tiles used and you’ll have a newly crafted space that you’re sure to feel comfortable in no matter how small it may be.

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