Outdoor showers are becoming more affordable and more common in recent years. They’re an inexpensive luxury that many homeowners overlook when thinking about how to update their homes. They can be simple or elaborate in design, often incorporating aspects of the landscape and architecture of the home. The two basic types of outdoor showers are portable and stationary. Portable outdoor showers can be moved and taken down easily and fall into two types: single-hose and pedestal. Stationary outdoor showers are a permanent fixture, usually attached to the house. A portable shower can cost anywhere from $50 to $300, depending on size, style, and type. A stationary shower can cost between $500 to $2,000 because of the plumbing work involved and the type of enclosure installed.

Single-Hose Outdoor Shower

Exterior glass shower door
You can't go wrong with an exterior shower

A single-hose shower system is the easiest to install and the most portable. The only drawback is that since it hooks up to a regular garden hose, it only provides cold water. This is certainly convenient if the shower system is only going to be used a few times a year. Most people use this type of shower system during a pool party for guests to rinse off before or after a dip in the pool. Others may take it camping or hiking to have running water for their shower.

Pedestal Outdoor Shower

Wooden pedestal exterior shower
Exterior wooden shower pedestal

A pedestal shower system is also considered a portable system, though it’s slightly more permanent than a single-hose system. These are generally what beaches have to allow swimmers to rinse the sand off before getting in their cars. They can support both hot and cold water, but an anti-scald device will need to be installed. If the pedestal outdoor shower is going to remain in the yard year-round, the pipes and lines need to either be frost-proof or they need to be blown out at the end of the season to prevent freezing and bursting.

Wall-Mounted Outdoor Shower

Why have a glass shower door when you can get a wall mounted exterior shower?
Beautiful wall mounted shower units

Wall-mounted showers are the most permanent type of outdoor shower design. They are usually attached to the house on a kitchen or bathroom wall to allow easy access to the existing pipes. These systems hook directly into the home plumbing, providing both hot and cold water. These showers have more options when it comes to platforms and enclosures. Since they are permanent structures, the enclosure should also be long-lasting. Some use wood, some use tile, and others use rock or stone.

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