The two basic types of washers seem to be comparable. This leaves many homeowners wondering, “what’s the difference between top loading and front loading washing machines?“ The answer is simpler than you might think.

“My washing machine overwhelms me with its options and its sophistication.” - Uma Thurman

Front Loaders Clean Better

Bottom loaders have different qualities
The difference between top and bottom loaders. Source: Consumer Reports

Just about every consumer-based study clearly states that front loaders perform better. As long as the unit isn’t overloaded, it works fine. So as far as cleaning goes, there is a definitive answer to the question, “which is the best: top loading or front loading washing machine?” For performance, front loaders take the cake.

And here’s why:

  • Easier on washables
  • Larger spin radius
  • More effectively penetrates fabric
  • Removes stains better
  • Kills odors better
  • Removes oil from cloth
  • Dissolves grime

Front Loaders Can Take Larger Loads

Here are a few pros and cons
The differences can be subtle, but sometimes not. Source: Popsugar

Simply due to their tumbling feature, a front loader can actually take a larger load because the clothing (or blankets, jackets, and pillow cases) will effectively keep tumbling over each other. This uses gravity to your benefit, and not as much energy is needed to dry the clothing. So in short, a front load washing machine can absolutely take a larger amount of clothing.

Top Loaders Save Money

One of the disadvantages of front loading washing machines is that they just cost more. They cost more to purchase, they cost more to install, and they cost more to run. Now of course it can be argued that the cleaning you get out of a front loader will offset this, but to the penny pincher every little bit helps. So cut down on costs and go with a top loader. They’re also more energy efficient.

You need to keep your washer in good shape. But did you know the cost for repair changes based on the state where you live? For example, in Albuquerque, NM it can cost an average of $250 while in Fairmont, WV, it can cost an average of $281. Want to get a more accurate estimate for free? Get in touch with a homeyou pro near you!

Top-Loaders Are Usually Easier to Load

Fitting perfectly in the laundry room
The laundry room will thank you. Source: Houselogic

Another big advantage of top loaders, especially for people with back issues or the elderly, is that they’re simply easier to load up. Just dump in the contents of your laundry (after sorting, of course). The best top load washer will easily take that load with minimal fuss.

Top-Loaders Can Save On Time

Not only are they easier to load, but because they’re such an efficient model, they can even save you open time. They can do a load in less time than that of a front load washing machine and again, they’re just easier on the back. So if you’re a busy person, go with a top-loading model.

Vibrating and Noise Complaints? Draw.

The best way to pick out a washer and dryer
In short, whichever works for you. Source: The wire cutter

All washing machines make some noise when running. Both top loading and front loading machines perform the same when it comes to normal noise. However, if your washing machine is making too much noise or is moving around, you need to get it fixed by a professional.

Need a new washing machine installed? Or maybe a tune up on your current one? Get in touch with a professional for more info!

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