It may not be your favorite room in your home but there’s doubting the importance a well designed, well stocked laundry room has in your family’s busy schedule and that importance is showing more and more each year with a dedicated laundry room topping the list of many wish lists for first time homebuyers. With such an integral part of your home’s functionality and efficiency being considered, however, it’s absolutely integral to know that you have all the components needed to make sure that this small, but important room will be able to serve all your needs for as long as possible. To that end, we’ve spoken to professionals and homeowners alike about the absolute must-haves for the perfect laundry room! Use this simple list to make sure that any problems which you might have with your home’s laundry room comes right out in the wash.

Energy Efficiency EverywhereMaking all your laundry needs more convenient

Your laundry room demands should always begin with an Energy Star rated washer and dryer, not only to gain the functionality of the modern technology they represent but also to enjoy the many incentives, savings, and environmentally friendly benefits which are all contained through the purchase of these simple fixtures.

Storage and Separators

Organization is one of the primary demands homeowners ask of their laundry rooms and with how much separating and care goes into keeping your family clean and clothed it only makes sense that having an abundance of storage is a big plus for any laundry room. If you’re hesitant to go through the hassle of scheduling things like cabinet installations or countertop installations then there are always accomodations which can be made including hide-away drying racks, rolling, movable storage, and even simple DIY shelving installed above your existing washer and dryer.

Liberal LightingSometimes less is more

Just because your laundry room is a place of functionality doesn’t mean it has to be a purely utilitarian space and nothing will help to make your laundry room more inviting and exciting to be in than a proper amount of natural and artificial lighting installations. There are a number of different ways to achieve this which can include anything from simple lighting accents being installed to window treatment adjustments all of which can help immensely to make the entire space more attractive, comfortable, and valuable

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