While trees do provide a “winter wonderland” feel when they’re covered in snow, their branches often don’t feel so wonderful. The snow adds enough weight to branches that some of them strain, some of them break, and some of them fall to the ground. While this isn’t usually a problem in forests, it can be an issue for residential housing underneath a tree. Falling branches, limbs, and even sometimes an entire tree can pose a serious threat to your home. So be sure to have your trees properly maintained before the snow hits. It could save you a major headache (and major money) later.

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming services for healthy lawn care
Tree trimming landscaping

Trimming your trees is essential to keeping your property safe and sound. Not only will this help keep your home, garage, and shed in tact, but it will also keep your trees looking prim and proper. Trimming will help maintain the appearance and symmetry as much as possible when properly applied. Not to mention that it will reduce the risk of such a branch from falling on you. Usually you should have your trees trimmed during a dormant season. Be sure to have all lateral branches evenly space in between, this is best for the tree’s health and growth. It’s especially important to keep trees that are near or around power lines properly trimmed, as serious damage may occur otherwise.

Tree Pruning

Keep in mind that not every trimming hurts your tree, in fact there are several variations that help your trees grow strong. To keep your trees happy and healthy, be sure to either prune them, or hire a professional arborist to prune them. Removing the excess and harmful branches can improve the lifespan and overall health of any tree. Pruning removes diseased branches and keeps them from infecting more of the tree, as well as taking out storm damaged branches which can hinder proper growth. Pruning will also greatly circulate the air around your tree’s crown and give it a better standing. Removing lower branches is essential to keeping the tree’s growth proper. And finally, pruning a tree can help shape the tree for better angles toward the sun. So don’t fear that removing branches will harm your tree, and get it pruned as soon as possible.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding: lawn care that benefits you home in more ways than one
Stump grinding lawn care

When dealing with the last core part of the tree, sometimes it’s better to remove it quickly than to let it rot away in the ground. Allowing nature to take its place seems like a sensible idea, but unfortunately the stump can be a breeding grounds for harmful or pesky things. Mold, mildew, fungus, bacterial, rodents, invasive insects, and a homeowner’s worst nightmare, termites can all populate a stump for years as it decays in the dirt. So for everyone’s best interest (and safety) it could be time to have that old stump removed. The process only takes at most an hour, and fills the gaping hole in the earth with fertilizing wood chips that can be easily planted over for new growth.

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