Tree Service

If you have trees, you're going to need to take care of them. This can include trimming, pruning, and watering so that they grow healthy and grow correctly. The key to success is to either know what your trees need, or to hire someone who does professionally. As a blanket term for any work you need done to the trees around your area, tree service can mean many things, including the following jobs:

  • Pruning


  • Trimming


  • Removal


  • Stump grinding

    Stump grinding

  • Crown aeration

    Crown aeration

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Tree Types

Any wooden perennial plant that has bark and branches constitutes as a tree. Trees not only spruce up the surrounding property, but also help with the air and soil quality around your home. This can translate into a better, healthier lifestyle, or at the very least, increased property value for your home. If you're looking for more information on this, contact the Arbor Society (1). Some commonly found trees are as follows (2):

  • Arborvitae Trees
  • Ash Trees
  • Hickory Trees
  • Landscape Trees
  • Large Trees
  • Linden Trees
  • Maple Trees
  • Oak Trees
  • Pine Tree
  • Plum Trees
  • Poplar Trees
  • Olive Trees
  • Orange Trees
  • Aspen Trees
  • Birch Trees
  • Bonsai tree
  • Bonsai Tree
  • Cedar Trees
  • Cherry Trees
  • Christmas Tree
  • Cottonwood Trees
  • Deciduous Trees
  • Dwarf Trees
  • Redwood
  • Willow Trees
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Tree Pruning

An often overlooked aspect of tree care, tree pruning allows the tree to grow happier and healthier. Pruning is simply the act of snipping away overgrowth by hand (3). This is usually done with shears, but special pruning saws do exist as well. For taller trees, this may end up requiring a tree climber. A professional climber's price range varies with the height of the tree (4).

  • Ground level may cost: $100 - $170
  • 30ft - 60 ft may cost: $150 - $575
  • 60 ft+ may cost: $650 - $1,000+
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Tree Trimming

To completely remove any part or parts of a tree afflicted with severe overgrowth, you'll need tree trimming. This essentially enables you to remove any haphazard, dangerous, or simply unhealthy branches and growths from otherwise happy trees (5). The result is twofold, you have healthier trees and a much nicer looking lawn. Much like pruning, trimming may require the services of a climber. On average, trimming a tree with a professional climber costs roughly between $200 and $875 depending on how high up the tree is.

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Tree Removal

Sometimes either a tree is out of place or has grown at an angle disruptive to the surrounding treeline. If your property has a tree that is either an eyesore or hurting other trees, you'll probably need to have it removed. Should this be the case, tree removal also depends on the size of the tree in question when regarding a price tag (6). This means that the longer you wait to have a tree taken down, the most expensive it can get.

  • 25 ft and smaller: between $150 and $500
  • 25 ft to 75 ft: between $200 and $1,000
  • 75 ft and taller: $1,500+
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Stump Removal

Stumps are such an eyesore. Not only are they ugly in your home's landscape, they also increase the risk of termite infestation to your home. So have that stump removed and ground up. It will make your home safer and add fertilizer to your lawn instead of adding a headache. The mulch left behind is incredibly good for planting new flowers on top. Hiring a professional to grind the stump can cost anywhere from $60 to $350 depending on how large the stump is. Chemical options exist, but may affect the soil quality (7).

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Another key ingredient for overall tree health is soil. Dirt actually comes in a wide array of different styles and makeups. Different types of soil can yield different results for your trees. There are many different kinds of soil, including (9):

  • Chalky
  • Loamy
  • Peaty
  • Clay
  • Slit
  • Sandy
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