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How Much Does it Cost to Service Shower Doors in Fort Bliss?

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What type of project is this?

Shower Doors can increase the value of your home by $459

Fort Bliss shower doors are dependable panels of metal, glass, or plastic which shield your shower from the rest of the bathroom. There are actually two options to choose from: swinging or sliding doors. Swinging doors are separated at the center and may also be positioned at either edge of the shower walls. Sliding doors rest in a track that expands across the top and base of your shower. These shower doors in Fort Bliss at times possess a small handle on which you hold to push one behind the other to help make an opening. Sliding shower doors are also able to have bath towel bars affixed on the outer panel. One of the many reasons that shower doors are so famous is because they give a tight seal all over your showering space. Whether or not they are fixed on top of the edge of your bathtub or at the floor of the shower, doors give with a level of protection against water spilling into the rest of the area.

Fair price breakdown

A new Fort Bliss shower door can cost from $200 to $280. That is for a basic polished chrome, frameless pivot shower door, with ¼” tempered glass and 10-year warranty. Contractors usually charge per hour when installing shower doors. The basic labor cost that includes securing the door frame to the wall and adjust the door usually goes from $85 to $230. The additional materials like fasteners and mounting hardware can cost $15 to $25 and other fees like the cost of special equipment can be around $54 to $78. Overall, the installation of a shower door can get as low as $536 and as high as $862 each.

Estimated final cost for shower doors

Item Quantity Fair Price
Shower Door Unit Cost 1 Unit $519.70
Shower Door Unit Labor 2.9 Hours $101.88
Shower Door Unit Job Materials and Supplies 1 Unit $22.31
Shower Door Unit Equipment Allowance $55.81
Totals - Cost to Install Glass Shower Doors - 1 Unit $699.71
Average Cost Per Unit $699.71

Find the Best Costs on Shower Doors - Fort Bliss, 79916

The most significant aspect that could affect costs is that of the size and design of the already present shower. The bigger the shower, the more materials and labor are going to be required, and for that reason the costlier the whole project will be. However, some compact showers may call for an expensive installation. For example, showers with a lot of edges and corners compared to a plain rectangular or square shower will need more work and craftsmanship, thereby raising the price.

El Paso County Shower Doors FAQ

While shower enclosures are designed to keep water inside of your shower area, leaks are possible under certain conditions. If there is an excessive amount of water pressure, shower heads pointed at the door, or multiple shower heads, leaks could occur. You should always have a bath mat on the floor outside of your shower in case a leak does happen.

Semi-frameless doors still incorporate some framing material with them. Typically, by-pass doors should not have any framing around them. Swing doors won't have any framing on the leading edge and the top of the door. There are actually side jambs and a sill on this kind of door. Based on the design, there will probably be a header.

A hinged door can have full-length hinges or two to three hinges on it. Keep in mind your home's front door. This style is normally available on shower stalls up to 36 inches wide or custom designs. According to the style, they might be frameless, semi-frameless, or framed. The door can hinge from the left or right wall or from the panel for those who have one.

The type of door depends upon the opening size and materials utilized in fabricating your shower/tub opening. Service providers offer three basic types of enclosures: framed enclosures, semi-frameless enclosures, and heavy glass enclosures. Each is offered in a number of styles in line with the opening size and construction of your shower/tub.

Last Updated: Feb 23, 2023

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