Ways cheap up bathroom

Big or small, the bathroom always needs air circulating around its whole space. Not only for it to smell nice all the time, but to preserve its furniture and everything that is inside, such as clothes and towels.

Changing the tiles, the painting or even the shower curtains may help you to give your bathroom a fresh new look. And there are also other tricks you can try! Check all of them right below, with some bathroom decor ideas.

1.  Change the Tiles

Change the tiles

This does not have to be your first bathroom makeover option, but it is definitely a great move as changing tiles will make a complete and unique change to the whole space. Ceramic, porcelain, granite, and onyx tiles have different particularities. Check them out below.


There are different types of ceramic tiles, so ask for the help of a professional before choosing yours. They absorb more water than the porcelain ones and are not as expensive as them, but maybe they are not as easy to clean as other kinds of tiles – search well when buying .


Porcelain tiles are dense and waterproof and, due to their low porosity, they can be used in showers. The glazed ones are much harder and more resistant to damage, but none of them are recommended for DIY projects.


The granite tiles are quartz-based products, have different patterns and are known for their strength and durability. They are also easy to clean and can be used, for example, in countertops. Just make sure to seal the stone from times to times, counting on the help of a flooring specialist.


Onyx tiles can be blue, green, brown, white or pink and they are famous for their durability, but only when properly maintained. They are softer and more delicate than stones like granite, and also more susceptible to scratches and cuts. Their porosity requires you to seal them to prevent stains and protect from water.

2.  Change the Paint

Change the paint

Another thing for you to do to give your bathroom a fresh new look is painting the walls again, with another color. Choose mildew resistant paints, and if you plan on painting your tiles or radiators, buy the appropriate paint to each of them too. White and pastel tones are great options for bathroom walls and even floors. Perfect tip if you are searching for small bathroom ideas.

3.  Change the Lights

Change the lights

Changing the lighting of your bathroom completely transforms the space. Nowadays, there are different options of bathroom wall lights that may cost little compared to ceiling lights and make the room look bigger. Ceiling lights, on the other hand, can light up more areas.

4.  Use Plants on the Decor

Use plants on the decor

If you do not want to change colors and tiles, go for different kinds of plants that can live well even inside the bathroom. We recommend you:

  • Spider Plant
  • Maidenhair Fern
  • Polka Dot Plant
  • Peace Lily; and
  • Pothos.

They refresh the environment, give it a new air and some of them can help with bad smell – did you know it?

5.  Change Your Shower Curtain

Change your shower curtain

A new shower curtain will greatly change the look of your entire bathroom as you can choose it with different textures and colors. Also, changing the curtain helps you refresh the environment, making it look cleaner and smelling better.

Ps.: If you have doubts about choosing the colors of the curtain, you can use cold colors and geometric prints, which match very well with most decoration styles.

6.  Change the Floor

Change the floor

Another change, but not as simple to do as the other ones, is getting a whole new floor to your bathroom. Try vinyl, karndean or tile floors. Just remember that the price rises according to the size of the space and kind of flooring chosen.

If you have wooden boards, try tidying them up, sanding, printing, painting and use them for your bathroom remodel. Good luck!

Regardless of the tips you choose to follow, licensed contractors will do the job with the best guarantee of succeeding the remodel. You can find either specialists in bathroom remodeling and decorators here!

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