What is an ensuite

En suite is the bathroom basically inside the bedroom. Discover what is the difference between both en suite x bathroom and the impact both of them have on the house value if you want to sell it.

En Suite Meaning

By definition, "en suite" is a connected bathroom. The word comes from French and was adapted to English to identify something that is connected to another room or inside it. Specifically, the bathroom inside the bedroom – connected directly to it.

Is It Worth to Have En Suite?

As an en suite bathroom is a private bathroom and belongs to a unique bedroom – yes! – it is worth having one. It brings all the privacy and practicality you need. Check the pros and cons right below.

Benefits of en suite bathroom

Privacy, convenience and proximity are the three main benefits of having a bathroom directly connected to a bedroom.

  • Privacy: for you and the other people in the house.
  • Convenience: means no line for using the bathroom never again!
  • Proximity: the bathroom close to you at any time.

Now, the cons.

Disadvantages of en suite bathroom

En suites are another area of the house for you to clean and may reduce space in your bedroom. These are its disadvantages.

  • More to clean: wanting or not, an en suite bathroom is an extra room. Therefore, it would be one more room to clean.
  • Less bedroom space: you’ll have to choose between en suite bathroom or more bedroom space.

Moreover, en suite layout becomes unnecessary if the house or apartment has only one bedroom. Especially because a guest would not like to cross all your bedroom to pee, right?

En Suite in the Real Estate

These kind of bathrooms connected to bedrooms are also important when you decide to sell your house. They are the apple of the real estate industry’s eyes, especially in cases of resale, and increase the house value.

Adding an en suite can increase the house resale value up to 5% which means something like $ 17.500 more considering a $ 350.000’s house, depending on the room maintenance in general.

En Suite Maintenance

For your en suite maintenance, keep an eye at moistures, damaged plumbing and/or mold. As the bathroom is directly connected to the bedroom, some problems might spread. So, be aware: the en suite maintenance not only will involve the whole bathroom, but also the bedroom.

If you are struggling with something like that, stop trying to solve the problem by yourself and ask the help of someone who knows everything about fixing things. It may be cheaper and easier than you think. Homeyou can help you request free quotes from multiple handymen that can help you keep your en suite tidy.

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