”Although white is currently a trendy style it will forever be timeless.” -Ashley Schieber, Interior Designer 
White cabinets may seem like a new trend but they are a timeless addition to any kitchen.
White Cabinets many seem trendy now, but they are timeless! 
Source: Elle Decor

Owning a home comes with a lot of benefits when it comes to having a place for you and your family to grow and set roots. But with owning your own home, you are fully responsible for the repairs, remodels and decorating and that can be stressful. Deciding on a remodel can be worrisome not only because you want to love your home but it’s also important to keep in mind for resale in the long run. When it comes to these remodels, we see trends come and go and following remodeling trends can hurt you or help you in the short and long term. One of those big trends is white cabinets in the kitchen. Is this a trend or something timeless worth investing in?

Our Answer: Timeless!

Resale Value

White cabinets increase the ease of resale for your home.
When selling your home, white cabinets are very marketable! 
Source: HGTV

White is marketable! When we move into a new home we don’t always plan on reselling it in the future, but as we know, we plan and plan and life still does what it’s going to do despite our planning. Our families grow and change, jobs move, wanderlust catches our souls and it’s time to sell. With white kitchens and kitchen cabinets, you’re home is timeless to buyers. So much so that 67% of buyers prefer white cabinets over any other style. So when it comes to a kitchen you love and will protect you in case of resell, go with this timeless option!

White Complements Everything

White kitchen cabinets can be modern too with the right hardware.
White can be modern too with the right hardware. 
Source: HGTV

One of the best things about white countertops is that they can complement all textures and colors you chose for your kitchen. You can chose backsplashes, countertops, appliances, and hardware at your discretion and it’s going to go with your white cabinets without doubt! You can even choose countertops with a light color scheme or go bold with bright colored appliances. The options are yours with white cabinets.

Versatile Style

Custom kitchen cabinets bathed in white light up and home interior.
White country kitchens feel like home. 
Source: HGTV

White cabinets are a perfect backdrop for style when it comes to your kitchen. You can achieve any look you want while utilizing white cabinets. By changing the cabinet hardware and decor style, you can completely transform a kitchen. White can be any style including modern, country, farmhouse, traditional, and even classical. Not only will white kitchen cabinets bring comfort to any interior design aficionados out there, they will also be great for anyone looking to sell their house or buy a house as they won’t need much upgrades in the kitchen.

So while some interior designs and remodelers might claim that white cabinets are a trend on their way out, most experts in the field would agree that white cabinets are a timeless statement in the home. 

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