For most families, the kitchen is the most central area of the house. No matter what, you’ll have to venture down to the kitchen at some point or another during the day, and usually much more than once. Why not make it a space you can’t wait to spend some time in, instead of one you avoid?

Kitchen upgrades come in all shapes and sizes, but there are some that take the fresh-baked cake as the fanciest, most luxurious, most enjoyable upgrades for any homeowner who spends time in the kitchen. Whether you’re more of a classic chef or an exquisite baker, there’s something here to meet your needs, and isn’t that what a kitchen is supposed to do? If you’re planning a full kitchen remodel or just looking to upgrade your appliances or work in some add-ons, take a look at what’s trending in gourmet kitchen upgrades and add-ons. They’ll have your mouth watering in no time, and you may just find something that’s what you’ve been looking for all along. Don’t be afraid to dream big and build even bigger - you deserve it!

Professional Grade

Modern sleek take on a kitchen with practical spacing
Modern kitchen from

One of the easiest ways to kick your kitchen up a notch is to upgrade your appliances. Companies like KitchenAid and Jenn-Air offer the best appliances a homeowner could dream of in the kitchen; choose options that shift the focus to what you’re best at and what you prioritize when working your kitchen magic. You may want to consider a professional grade range and hood for crafting enticing dishes with complex aromas, particularly if your kitchen isn’t already well-ventilated. Do you go through fresh produce like there’s no tomorrow? You may want to look into built in refrigerators and freezers with separate compartments that’ll keep produce at different temperatures/levels of moisture. If pizza is where your passion lies, think about installing a wood-burning pizza oven in a corner for baking pizza pies to perfection.

Seeing Double

Double the countertops, double the space.
Custom countertops islands from

No, it’s not a dream...if you’re looking to really change up the way you engage with your kitchen space, you should seriously consider using two of an appliance. From sinks to wall ovens to even dishwashers, having two of any appliance gives you more flexibility when creating a meal, leaves more space for dual purposes (maybe you’re roasting a chicken in one oven and baking a pie in the other, or washing fresh produce in one sink and dishes in the other), and helps chefs share a space without getting in each other’s way. If you’ve got the space, you may even want to think about two islands; it’s worth it (see below).

Paradise Island

A massive single kitchen island for your dining room experience
Kitchen island from

If you haven’t yet built a kitchen island (or two!) for yourself, you’re really missing out. With options that include building in a sink or range, hanging pots and pans above, and adding seating and storage, you really can’t go wrong. Islands can double or even triple your counter space, leaving you with more room for food prep and appliances. Plus, you can use the space to showcase beautiful countertops or include a built-in butcher block prep station, and you can include cookbook storage, a disguised minifridge for drinks or beers, and even a dishwashing drawer down below.

Extras That Become Essentials

Kitchen cabinets full of practical design
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It would be impossible to talk about a luxury kitchen without pointing out the incredibly amount of room for customization based on your own needs. If you can’t live without coffee, a built-in espresso bar may be just right for you, whereas wine connoisseurs will find they don’t remember what they did before they installed their very own wine cooler. From pull-out drawers to unique storage to shortcuts like the built-in pot filler pictured above, the add-ons are the cherry on top of what will quickly become your favorite house in the room. And when you spend so much time in the kitchen, shouldn’t it be?

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