When it comes to energy efficiency, there are few home remodeling projects that have quite as strong an impact as window replacement installation. In fact, all across America, states and local governments are beginning to offer incentive programs to homeowners who make the shift from their old, worn-out windows to new, specially engineered energy efficient window replacements!

Aside from this, homeowners have found that their property benefits significantly from Energy Star rated window replacement installations in terms of decreased utility costs, increased property value, and (most importantly) increased property beauty and owner satisfaction. So how do you decide where to start with having beautiful, insulating, energy efficient window replacements installed? Here’s a simple guide to help you bring your home’s window system into the modern age:

Placement and Usage

Upgrading your windows to energy-efficient ones can help lower your heating costs.
Upgrading your windows to energy-efficient ones can help lower your heating costs.

The placement of your home’s windows along with your family’s typical usage of them should play a major role in your choice of replacement window installations both in regard to the particular styles of window you choose to have installed.

Take a careful look at the current placement of your windows and consider how much ventilation and light those styles and placements allow for, while also thinking about the average amounts of sunlight, rain, and snow which each window is made to endure in it’s current placement.

With the winter months quickly approaching, planning ahead to maximize strength in areas which endure more snow drifts is an easy way to insulate your home from freezing outdoor temperatures.

Do Your Research

When you’re planning on having window replacements installed, make sure to learn about the specifications needed to be Energy Star energy efficient in your particular part of the country. Often this classification can raise the up-front cost of your replacement windows, but makes up for this by offering incentive programs in most American cities and towns.

In fact, energy efficient windows are quickly becoming the standard of American households due to their environmental benefits, property value raising, and even boosting of temperature control (something which is sure to be important in the coming winter)!

There are many resources online to find out about your areas particular Energy Star and incentive program requirements though the two easiest and most understandable are found through the Efficient Energy Collaborative and the Department of Energy's own site.

Do your research and see which incentive programs you can take advantage of.
Do your research and see which incentive programs you can take advantage of.

Invest in Quality

It’s all the more obvious with the winter season approaching, but all year-round it’s crucial for homeowners interested in increasing their home’s energy efficiency to demand highly durable, high-quality replacement windows (both functioning and non-functional) to ensure long-term resiliency to wear-and-tear from weather conditions in the dead of winter and the oppression of summer.

Your home’s windows can easily be the primary source of airflow in the entire property, while also providing a significant amount of the light and when you choose to have high quality replacement windows installed you’re choosing to have a more reliably comfortable home in just about any conditions, while also forestalling window repair services and additional window replacements for years after the work is first completed.

For similar reasons, it’s highly advisable to contact highly experienced, properly trained, and thoroughly reputable window replacement contractors to complete the project. They’ll be able to help you make sure that you receive all the incentives and rebates which are due to you with your new window replacements installed while helping to ensure that your home’s energy efficiency, comfort, property value, and beauty are held to a high standards for years to come.

With winter on its way there’s no better time than now to update and insulate your home with new replacement windows. Begin your research today and by the first frost your home will be ready to withstand anything that Mother Nature can throw at it!

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