Opening windows and doors on hot days is a great way to circulate the air, but your safety should be a priority. Keeping the doors open is an easy way to allow debris and dust to fly in, as well as critters or rodents looking for food. Let alone other people and pets that are not welcome in your home!

A standard storm door doesn't let air circulate freely, whereas a retractable screen door does, helping to make your home comfortable and airy during hot days. It’s the best of both worlds: keep the door closed for safety while also allowing the air to flow inside. Perhaps it’s time to think about screen door installation? 

What is a screen door?

A retractable screen door is installed to fit perfectly in the door frame, and they move left and right, instead of swinging in or out. They are becoming a popular choice among homeowners because you can replace a storm door with a screen door with minimal tweaks, without the need to make a big commitment. 

Sliding screen doors are by far the most common type. These are installed over the door frame and slide to the sides instead of swinging out or in. Very practical and easy to install, which makes them a great pick.

But there are also more portable retractable screen doors, such as flexible and magnetic. Flexible screens can remain hidden until you pull them out, and magnetic screens are kept still by using magnets, making them easy to open and close, or even store away if necessary.

Now that you know what they are, let’s cover the benefits of screen doors!

1. Improved air quality

Air quality has a big impact on your health. When your house is completely closed, you're basically breathing the same circulated air all the time. First of all, we end up inhaling the carbon dioxide we exhaled earlier – and you need a constant stream of fresh oxygen for your body to stay healthy. 

Second, keeping the air closed in only exacerbates allergies and causes breathing problems. Fresh air is the key to improving your respiratory health and a retractable screen door is the quickest and easiest way to circulate air so that you can breathe more easily.

2. Protect your home from bugs and critters

One of the main problems with leaving the doors and windows fully open is how much that encourages bugs, critters, and even other animals (small or otherwise) to barge into your home uninvited.

And sure, a few bugs might seem harmless enough, but more dangerous animals could easily come in if the door is open. Think snakes, raccoons, skunks, and in some areas, there have been reports of bears and alligators inside properties!

With a screen door replacement, you can be sure your home gets fresh air without leaving it exposed to these animals. Besides, it also prevents your pets from leaving and running to the street! 

3. Easy installation

Your storm door can easily be converted into a screen door! To be clear, storm doors also have their purpose, which is to protect your home (and the door itself) from harsh weather effects – but that leaves no room to let the air in, which is what we want right now.

But this is where you can replace a storm door with a screen door quite easily! You don’t have to keep that bulky glass door installed all year just because your area features a harsh winter for a couple of months. 

4. Better views

Screen doors are typically thin and see-through, allowing you to enjoy the outside view during a summer day with no problems. But even in an aesthetical sense, most screen doors are minimal in design and can be installed to perfectly match the door frame, making them almost unnoticeable.

And as mentioned before, there are retractable screen doors. These can be very subtle when not used, which is perfect to not clash with your home’s design plans.

5. Energy efficiency

One of the greatest benefits of allowing fresh air to flow through your home is actually energy efficiency. During the summer, it’s quite common in some regions for air cooling to cause energy bills to skyrocket. Having to endure extremely hot days is no joke, as it can lead to dehydration, lower blood pressure, or even heat strokes in extreme cases.

But banking those high energy bills can be rough too, so what’s the solution?

Well, simply allowing more air to flow through your home is a great start. Many homeowners opt to keep the house closed with cooling on during summer to prevent the aforementioned bugs from barging into their home, many of which get especially skittish during hot days. But with screen doors, that’s no longer an issue!

And even if you decide to turn on the cooling, your home will already be much cooler from the fresh air, thus saving you a lot of energy as a result. It’s a win-win!

For pricing and size details, talk to a local screen door installer and solve all your doubts before starting the project!


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