Green roof installation has been growing in popularity throughout the years. People love the idea of having a turf roof as opposed to one made from materials such as metal and asphalt, and we can see why! 

The benefits of having a residential green roof are stellar: in fact, that is why green roof companies continue to be in high demand.

If you love the idea of this type of roofing material but want to know what green roofs pros and cons are, keep reading! 

“The person who can bring the spirit of laughter into a room is indeed blessed. – Bennett Cerf

Energy Efficiency

Rather than trap heat from the sun's rays, a green roof converts that energy into chlorophyll which translates into lush greenery. The shade that the plants provide helps cool the home during summer or keep the heat it during winter, and make it so its residents don't rely heavily on their air conditioning units. 

Home energy bills drop because the dependency on electricity decreases thanks to the green roofing material and how it sufficiently keeps the temps inside the home comfortable.

The average green roof provides homeowners with a material that withstands weather conditions for longer, too. It's the type of roofing that holds up long-term because of its durability and the decreased temperature it holds throughout the year. 

In addition to increased energy efficiency, it could potentially save residents money every few years in repair and replacement costs.

Better Air Quality

An abundance of greenery cleans the sky and makes the air quality inside and outside the home improve significantly. Removing carbon dioxide from the environment is the job of many different plants, and they do it passively. 

Working with the contractor to determine the best set-up for your roof is ideal because it allows you to choose oxygen-producing varieties for cleaner and healthier air.

The inclusion of plants on a roof helps create a layer of protection for the home as well as removing toxic substances from the environment. Greenery that grows and thrives creates a sort of canopy which shields the roof from sunshine, wind, and rain. The reason why green roofs appeal so much to customers is that they align with your values and help you live a happier, healthier life.

Protects the Ecosystem by Sustaining Wildlife

A roof attracts different types of wildlife who perch on it before traveling somewhere else. It's not unusual to see birds and animals such as squirrels using roofs as pathways that they use daily. Green roof construction extends the natural world in which you live several feet into the air where it sustains the ecosystem. The plants and flowers that grow on the roof supply a necessary food source for wildlife.

Sustaining the outdoor world benefits your indoor environment. Without bees, food supplies dwindle. They pollinate plants so that they grow and can be harvested for us to eat. Doing your part to protect the fragile ecosystem in which you live among is ideal.

Is it viable for winter?

While not very common, research shows that it is! The main focus should be on determining which plants are more viable to endure the harshness of winter, but the results are quite noticeable even in winterized homes in Canada (where the cited research took place).

A green roof absorbs sunlight to make your home cooler during hot days, but it also helps insulate it from the cold outside, helping it remain warm for longer during winter – which goes back to the excellent energy efficiency we’ve mentioned before.

For homeowners who are looking for a difference and exciting project, it’s definitely worth considering, because not only is it valuable from a cost-effectiveness perspective, but it’s also environment-friendly!

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