Back-to-school is both a great time and a sad time for students and parents. On one side, long gone are the days of kids home all day, endless summer activities, and obviously summer fun. On the other side, school means getting up early, busy schedules, and...homework! Parents have mixed feelings about their babies going back to school but ultimately have some funny things to say about it. Check out the ten most hilarious tweets from parents about back to school!

1. Advent calendars aren't just for Christmas:

Back to school countdown is happening in homes across the nation
Let's all count down together!  Source: Twitter 

2. Sometimes tutus and Spiderman pajamas are the way to go for school clothes:

Interior clothing design is just never the same as exterior
It's a parent's job to embarrass the kids, right? Source: Twitter

3. Absence makes the heart grow fonder:

Time for some summer DIY projects around the home
Summer school is always an option...Source: Twitter

4. “But mom...fruit snacks are the best!”:

How does the kitchen survive the summer attacks?
Growing kids need to eat, right? Source: Twitter

5. The bus will probably wait that long...right?:

Morning home struggles are so real.
The struggle is real. Source: Twitter

6. We understand, getting up early is just so hard:

Bedroom tips from professional parents
Is anyone really a morning person? Source: Twitter

7. Let’s write a letter to the Olympic committee, this needs to be an event:

Once the kids are gone nap away in your bedroom interior
Who has the phone number for the Olympics? Source: Twitter 

8. When your kids grow too fast:

The yearly struggles of having children in a home
They just grow up so fast, don't they? Source: Twitter

9. Lunches, the real test of parenthood!:

Kitchen tactics for children's lunches
Be one with the school lunch. Source: Twitter

10. And of course, the first, first day is the hardest ...don’t worry, next year you’ll feel differently!:

Home kitchen remedies for weary parents
It's the thought that counts...right? Source: Twitter

We know you have mixed feelings about back to school, like all parents, but hopefully some quiet time and a good laugh will help make the transition a little easier! So stuff those backpacks with the school supplies that you are bound to have to replace in a month and write those embarrassing lunch notes and embrace a new year of homework, learning and fun!

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