Tips new homeowners

Buying a home for the first time is not an easy job. So, what can you do to make it easier? Check below 12 new homeowner tips we brought you in order to avoid mistakes many people make.

1.  Know Your Neighborhood

Since you are moving to a new place, explore the area and meet your neighbors. You do not need to become friends with them, however, it might be good for both to have a healthy relationship. After all, someday, you someone may need help or a cup of sugar.

2.  Repair All Damages

When you buy a new home, damages can be found. Make sure you check all the rooms and do the repairs before things become worse. Repairing your new house damages now can avoid bigger problems in the future.

3.  Have a Deep General Cleaning

Many past homeowners do a general cleaning before selling a house. However, no one will clean your new place better than you. Remember to:

  • sanitize bathrooms and kitchens;
  • clean all walls and floors; and
  • make sure to use all the right products.

Bonus – that will make you know more about every inch of the house.

4.  Get Your House Correctly Insured

House insurance is specially made to provide financial protection to the homeowner in case of structural damages caused by natural disasters, for example. Be sure to wisely choose your new homeowners' insurance provider.

5.  Paint The House Before Moving In

You may feel in a rush to move in soon, but wait until the painting process is over. Painting a whole house is a long process that makes quite a mess. Therefore, waiting turns out to be a smart move for all new homeowners.

6.  Change The Locks

One more move, which is really important for your security. Hire a locksmith and change all locks of the house as soon as you step foot into it. Besides the previous homeowner, you will never know who else may have the old keys.

7.  Find a Good Handyman

A handyman can help with maintenance and do many repairs and you will eventually need to find a good one. Look for professionals as soon as possible. Do not let finding a handyman become an urgent task.

8.  Keep The Documents Safe

Gather every paper, such as:

  • permissions;
  • restrictions;
  • home warranties;
  • manuals; and
  • the property certificate.

All those documents need to be kept safely. Make sure you even have extra copies of them.

9.  Save Money for Future

A new homeowner is always saving money… or should be. Moving to a new house costs a lot: maintenance, repairs, projects, and other duties. So, get financially ready for future emergencies.

10.  Replace Air Filters and HVAC System

Yet to prevent trouble, start all the way from the beginning your new house's HVAC maintenance. There is no way to be sure that the previous homeowner has replaced the air filters or cleaned the system before moving out.

11.  Choose the Right Projects

Even if you feel excited about planning some home improvement projects, make sure to spend money only on the ones that are worthy. Take your time and choose wisely. Think about the future.

12.  Don’t Act Impulsively

As the tip already said, avoid making bad decisions based on your impulsivity. Be rational and calm while walking step by step towards the dream of calling your house YOURS.

We wish you good luck on the way ahead!

To have a successful moving process, reach out to a licensed handyman that will support you in any maintenance or repair need. Follow these new homeowner tips, avoid trouble, and enter your new home with joy.

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