For do-it-yourselfers, one of the cheapest and most fun ways to improve your home is with lifehacks. There are many life hacks available on the internet, and some a more useful than others. Sometimes you have to find out what works for you. For all homeowners and renters out there, here are a few of our favorite DIY hacks that can help around the house.

Wine Rack Towel Holders

Bathroom towel hacks that make your tub more organized
Bathroom towel organizer HGTV

When the racks have seen the last of the bottles, repurpose them into these handy towel holders. Not only will they add a classy, rustic vibe to the bathroom they can hold just about any size towel from washcloth to beach towel. Your guests will rave about the rack when they go to dry their hands.

Magnetic Strip in the Kitchen

Kitchen knife magnets make any home interior more organized
Custom kitchen knife rack Chris Loves Julia

This handy method of organizing your knives and utensils is a great way to stay on top of things in the kitchen without worrying where all the sharp objects are. As an added bonus, it will keep the knives out of children’s reach. Some models even come with a folding option for further protection.

Shoebox + Paper Rolls = Pen and Pencil Holder

Interior home hacks
House hacks Youtube

This easy DIY project can be a fun time alone or with the kids. Simply take an old shoebox and fill it with paper rolls. Decorate accordingly. You can add glitter, wrapping paper, and designs to this arts and crafts project.

Car Freshener or Dryer Fabric on the A/C

HVAC hacks: turning your A/C into something more
An A/C that is also a freshener Reddit

This is a great remedy for college dorm rooms. Just attach a car freshener to the fins of an air conditioner, or tape some dryer fabric in the same fashion to make a self-freshening A/C unit that can take care of any odors in the room. As an added bonus it works in junction with the conditioner for fresher air.

Old Rake for Organizing Wrenches

Garage hacks: making the most out of work space
Garage hacks Magtek Mechanical

This is a great use for any home with that old, rusty rake that you found in the garage. The wood is cracked or broken and the metal is just hanging on. It’s not much use in the backyard, and can be transformed into something new. So turn it into a rack for your hand wrenches. It’ll be happier hanging on your workbench.

Old Plastic Bottle Bag Seal

Home kitchen hacks and tricks
Kitchen hacks Salubrious Exclamation

This tried and true aged internet gem has proven time and time again that sometimes oldies are goodies. Simply cut the top off an old water bottle and keep the cap. Thread a bag through the hole of the cap, and then tighten the cap back on. Keeps the bag airtight and sealed.

Pop Pringles with a Piece of Paper

Even a regular pringles can could be modified
Sometimes simple tricks are the best Mashable

Sometimes a low tech solution is the best solution. Having trouble getting chips out of their container? Just fold up a piece of regular paper into funnel and dig those bad boys out. Works for other cylindrical snacks as well.

Then Store Dry Spaghetti in the Container

More kitchen hints and tricks
Kitchen tips for pasta: Pinterest

Once out of the box, even dry spaghetti is susceptible to attack. So keep it safe and fresh by keeping it in an empty cylindrical can. Not only with this protect your noodles, it will add a slight hint of flavor for when you cook them.

Stem a Strawberry with a Straw

Kitchen dining hacks
Dining room table tricks: Trusper

Looping the stems off of strawberries isn’t much fun (especially when you’re hungry). This ingenious simple invention makes topping strawberries far more accurate and fun. No knife required. Especially recommended for making strawberry smoothies.

Pants Hanger to Hold a Cookbook

Kitchen cookbook hanger hacks
Kitchen cookbook hanger: A View at Five-Two

As a great hands free way to stay on a certain page and stay at a readable height, having a pants hanger can provide a lot more benefit in the kitchen than one would imagine. Just hook it up to a cabinet, open to the right page, and then start cooking. The handy device will keep your cookbook dry and in visible range.

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