While you’re running short on time to get this years Christmas tree, there’s no better time than now to ensure that you’re doing all you can to keep the Christmas spirit alive for as long as you want. That’s why made this list (feel free to check it twice) of everything you need to know about having a Christmas tree.

Keep It Real

Christmas only comes once a year, invest in good decorations and provide a nice and welcoming environment for your family during the holidays. Get a real tree, not an artificial. There are many places selling real trees and if you want another one, is easy to get a tree service and make the most of what you already have in your property. Not only is it a great way to incorporate nature in your home, real trees also smell amazing, and can make any home more cozy and stylish.

Make It Fresh

Before bringing the new fresh tree into your house, get the trunk cut again (minimum of one inch from the bottom). This will re-open the stem and make it easier to absorb water. Do this before placing it on the stand, that holds at least a gallon of water, more or less depending on the size of your tree.

Fresh Christmas trees are happier Christmas trees
Fresh greenery

Water It

As soon as you get home, water the tree. Keeping the tree regularly watered is the most effective way to keep it fresh, healthy, beautiful, and safe. There’s no need to add anything to the water, in fact, some additives and chemicals can increase loss of needles and premature dryness. Common tap water is still the best option. Remember to check the water level daily, not letting it fall below the fresh cut of the stem, or it will reseal and stop absorbing the liquid.


When buying a Christmas tree, try to get informed about a credible place. You’ll be getting a healthy tree if you run your hand through the branches and they’re flexible and display a good amount of movement. Needles falling easily or dry areas are signs that the tree was wrongly cut or hasn't been properly taken care of.


One of the many benefits of having a real tree is the incredible smell they infuse to the entire house. You can choose species that particularly have better smells, but it depends a lot on your personal taste. Make it a fun trip and a family activity to go choose it together so everyone will be comfortable with the smell the house will have for the holidays. The most traditional is pine. For an extra touch, grab a few of the fallen leaves or branches and arrange them decorating the house, so the pleasant smell can be present in every room.

Indoor Christmas tree with lighting and tinsel
Xmas tree

Taking It Home

A simple detail can make a big difference. By transporting a live tree, the trick is to place it in a big burlap bag or wrap it carefully with reusable tarp. It’s essential to keep all the branches wrapped and everything tied safely to your vehicle.

Choose Local

Christmas trees with root bulbs don’t travel well, especially in cold weather, depending on the transportation method. When possible, the best choice is choosing a tree close to home. A freshly cut, local and healthy tree will make the perfect display and will possibly survive a long time after Christmas, so you can still keep the warm and welcoming environment of Christmas into the New Year.


Don’t just throw a tree or any holiday greenery carelessly around your yard. They can contain bugs or weed seeds that can contaminate the trees you already have. Take them to a proper trash collecting place or a municipal compost facility. There’s always information available about recycling too. Don’t keep the tree for too long, if it’s unhealthy or dry. It’s a matter of safety, not just aesthetic. Many places offer to pick up the trees on curbsides, post-Christmas.

Ornaments And Decoration

Before anything, be certain that the tree is completely healthy, so it can hold lights without turning into a fire hazard. Invest in good quality lights and ornaments, looking for non-flammable materials. Regardless of the theme you want, or the ideas you’ll try, let this be an opportunity to exercise your creativity, bond with your loved ones, and just have fun.

Safety First

Classy Christmas tree contrast with classy white interior painting
Classy contrast

Choose non-flammable materials and high quality lighting, diminishing fire hazards (remember that having a healthy tree is crucial). Avoid leaving the lights on for too long, as they may get too hot and melt (also be extra careful with fire or lights near plastic decorations). Place the tree firmly on the stand and away from windows or glass cases. If you have kids or pets, take extra safety measures and keep an eye on them. Never leave the house with the lights on.

Christmas Spirit

Go the extra mile and make a good deed for someone else. You can help other in many ways, like donating food and toys for charity. Another way is buying two or more trees and donating them to a local charity, non-profit organization, youth home or senior home. It’s never too late to spread the Christmas spirit and it will always make a difference in someone else’s life. Be grateful for what you have and give back whenever you have the chance.


When it comes to Christmas, there are really no rules about the date, decorations or any details on festivities. It’s a holiday about celebration on family and love. Following these simple guidelines will assure you and your family of only having good memories about Christmas. It’s up to you keeping a Christmas tree for as long as you want to celebrate it. Personalize everything you want and create the best memories. These are the ones you’ll always remember.

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