For many of us, there is nothing like Mom’s chicken soup or Grandma’s pirogues to make us feel all warm and tingly inside. If you’re looking for a way to show Mom how special she is this Mother’s Day, consider creating one of these meals for her. It may not be as magical as when Mom makes it, but it’ll be truly heartwarming for her.


Kitchen dining room table treats for breakfast
Fancy French toast Food Network

Challah Bread French Toast

This fresh take on a classic French toast needs to be placed in the wet mixture the night before. While this may sound like a pain, it’s really a time saver - all you need to do in the morning is put the French toast in a hot pan, leaving you plenty of time to tidy up before Mom comes by!

Delectable kitchen goodness in the form of bacon.
Dining on bacon Food Network

Brown Sugar Glazed Bacon

Everyone loves bacon, and what could be better than bacon covered in brown sugar? The sweet, smoky, salty strips are sure to leave Mom totally speechless (until she asks for the recipe!). And for moms who like a bit of zing with breakfast, use these bacon strips as a garnish for a classic Bloody Mary.

Eggs on the dining room table
Eggs Charles P. Rogers

 Eggs Scrambled Italian Style

The combination of savory herbs and silky smoothness from the eggs makes this a perfect compliment to both the French toast and bacon. Because of the already carb-heavy French toast, feel free to omit the garlic bread (or not, it’s Mother’s Day, splurge a little).

Delish smoky bloody mary on the dining room table
Bloody mary Serious Eats

Smoky Bloody Mary

This south-of-the-border take on the classic breakfast cocktail really livens up this old standby. By using mezcal, you’re able to add a level of smokiness that works incredibly well with the drink, and pairs exceptionally with the salty-sweetness of the brown sugar bacon. Bonus points if you use a strip of bacon as a garnish or a stirrer.


BBQ chicken for kitchen delights
Asian BBQ Rachel Cooks

Asian BBQ Chicken

This modern take on old-school teriyaki chicken is enlivened by the use of vinegar and the bright notes of citrus from the lime. It also greatly benefits from being cooked on the grill, which adds notes of charred goodness to every bite.

Amazing kitchen secrets for your home
Ramen, even in salad form Essentially Eclectic

Amazing Ramen Salad

This absurdly simple salad tastes like you spent hours working on it. It’s also incredibly versatile and healthy - feel free to add some thinly sliced peppers, sauteed mushrooms, or grilled and cut asparagus for an extra touch of Spring.

DIY stuffed tomatoes in the kitchen
Kitchen secrets The Novice Chef

Baked Stuffed Tomatoes

These stuffed tomatoes are absolutely mouth watering. The combination of acidity from the tomato mixed with the wheat bread crumbs and savory Parmesan and cheddar cheeses create a deep and palate pleasing flavor. Bonus points if you use the first tomatoes of the year from your garden!

Homemade bar delights right in your kitchen
Drinks from The Bar

Classic Singapore Sling

The Singapore Sling is a classic cocktail that has been around since the 1930’s. This new take on the old workhorse incorporates the taste of cherry liqueur, which provides a nice sweet contrast to the piney notes of gin. It also pairs well with the rest of this menu, but especially with the chicken.


Dining room delights, easy DIY recipes
Bruschetta Passion and Cooking


This bruschetta is simply out of this world. The combination of crispy, savory bread combined with what is essentially pico de gallo is out of this world. These would also be excellent with some fresh mozzarella under the pico.

Easy DIY recipes right to your dining room tabel
Sliced zucchini Food Network

Grilled Zucchini with Parmesan

These grilled zucchini slices are awesome. They’re incredibly simple to make, and they’re also delicious. The addition of parmesan adds a nutty, salty flavor to the gentle undercurrent of the zucchini and the charred flavors from the grill.

Pork chop sandwiches! In the kitchen
Pork chops Food Network

Pork Chops with Vinegar Peppers

This classic Italian dish is as easy as it gets, but tastes like it took hours to prepare. The subtleness of the pork works very well with the bright acidity of the peppers, and the peppers themselves are simply delectable when cooked. Bonus points if you use your own vinegar peppers.

Go with that classy look: martinis for your dining room
The best food and wine with Food and Wine

Cosmopolitan Martini

This classic twist on a martini is sure to be a crowd pleaser. The citrus-forward flavors will work very well with the rest of the menu, and will especially complement the bright acidity of the pork and vinegar peppers. These are especially nice when garnished with a twist of orange peel.


Delectable desserts that fir any kitchen company
Mouth watering Chel Sweets

Red Velvet Nutella Cookies

Nutella and cookies. What’s not to love? The only problem with these cookies is that they’ll go fast. Best to make two batches.

A delish dish any dining company would love
Hope you saved room Food Mayhem

Strawberries and Cream Cake

Simple and classic, while still being delicious. A strawberries and cream cake is ideal for Mother’s Day because of it’s simplicity and ease of prep, allowing you to spend more time with your Mom. You could also incorporate some blueberries for an extra color contrast.

We hope you enjoyed these Mother’s Day menus, and that you use them to show Mom just how much she means to you. Feel free to play around with these recipes and suit them to your mom’s taste - it is her day, after all. The staff at homeyou would like to wish everyone a safe, happy, and fun Mother’s Day.

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