They say you don’t know love until you know the love of a child. As any mother can tell you, however, just because you love your kids doesn’t mean they won’t drive you a little crazy sometimes. We all know what I’m talking about here. When you’re walking through the grocery store and make eye contact with another mom with three screaming children running around her. Her eyes send a pleading message of “I love them, I made them, but I need HELP!” But at the end of the day, you love them despite the “everything is sticky” moments, stepping on Legos before your morning coffee and the “my toddler is crying because I told them they can’t be a dinosaur when they grow up” kind of days.

In honor of Mother’s Day coming up on May 8th, we scoured Twitter for our 15 favorite tweets about the hilarious and crazy moments that make up being a mother. We're willing to bet that these moments will make you (and your mom) laugh.

When you have a “threenager” that needs her space:

Mom just needs some personal space.
Hey, personal space is important. Source: Twitter

All these clothes and they still prefer to run around naked:

Tiny humans are the best humans.
For your tiny human at home. Source: Twitter

Stain proof? I’m pretty sure kids could get grass stains on a suit of armor:

Laundry and stains go together with home clothing
For the busy laundry room. Source: Twitter

Once a suburban gangster always a suburban gangster, kids or not:

Minivans: the ultimate urban utility vehicle
Minivan AND a crockpot? Source: Twitter

Nothing makes you love your kids more than when you have similar hobbies:

For mommy's little car turtle
Mama turtle. Source: Twitter

You can be 007 and I’ll be the villain, on the couch, with my eyes closed:

Children's house games: for fun and relaxation
House games! Source: Twitter

Making mom friends is harder than it looks:

Make some friends while watching Friends. Never fails.
Make some friends while watching Friends. Never fails. Source: Twitter

PTA is much easier when you need a designated driver to attend:

Only one margarita?
Only one margarita? Source: Twitter

Hidden Halloween candy that you don’t have to share? Count me in!

Chocolate fixes everything.
Chocolate fixes everything. Source: Twitter

Let me Houdini my way into packed lunches and business attire without jelly stains:

Moms are definitely magicians.
Moms are definitely magicians. Source: Twitter

Common core isn’t exactly common sense:

Math is hard.
Math is hard. Source: Twitter

Arts and Crafts turns into “WHY IS THERE GLITTER IN THE MAYONNAISE?”:

Seriously, though...where did this glitter come from?
Seriously, though...where did this glitter come from? Source: Twitter

Remember that white couch you loved before kids? It’s now a rainbow of Kool-Aid stains:

Time to stock up on paper towels.
Time to stock up on paper towels. Source: Twitter

One day with crazy kids can make anyone change their opinion:

Why do none of the babysitters ever come back?
No wonder none of the babysitters ever come back... Source: Twitter

AND...the ultimate mom betrayal, the improperly cut sandwich:

At least he didn't ask for the crusts cut off.
At least he didn't ask for the crusts cut off. Source: Twitter

With all that in mind, hug a mom in your life extra hard this Mother’s Day and do something nice for her. And don’t forget to share this with your mom and thank her for all the shenanigans you put her through growing up and let her bask in the irony.

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