If you love unique decor pieces with that edge and humor, you probably wonder in some stores for handmade and quirky products. This list shows you top stores that sell the kind of thing you were looking for, and things you didn’t even know you wanted. Whether you live on a rental or your own house, there’s no excuse to have a boring home. Browse interior design on any of these sites, for all styles and pockets, and have fun treasure hunting!


Buy art and home decor for your house

Etsy it’s always king on all things unique and handmade. Countless shops and amazing artists who sell personalized gifts, brilliant, adorable and avant garde designs. Enjoy browsing for that perfect decor piece or a gift for a special someone.

Items: Wooden Coaster by Simply Pallets, Grizzly Bear by PRRINT, Dream Folded Book by Luciana Frigerio.


Buy home decor at ModCloth for vintage pieces and retro style clothing

ModCloth is a beacon for retro and vintage clothing, accessories and also home decor. It can make any room adorable. A quick look at their site and you’ll understand why.

Items: Peas Pass the Salt & Pepper Shaker, Meow-nt Rushmore, Plain and Symbol Lamp.


Get unique art creations and home decorations for your house

A place where you can find great prices in designer pieces from multiple websites. Basically, it redirects you to the the original store they belong to. The selection is very refined and classy, but still has some quirky pieces. In any way, it’s possible to find the style you want, along with sophistication and a modern vibe.

Items: Urban Impression Barware Decanter, Urban Graffiti Dinnerware, Olympia White Lamp by Jonathan Adler.


Have fun shopping at Animicausa for creative home decorations

Probably one of the store with more variety and an immensity of adorable things, and a great focus on productivity, with home improvement tools and ways to hack your everyday life. Even simple activities as hanging clothes to dry or organizing electronic wires becomes more fun.

Shipping: Free Worldwide.

Items: Candle Warmer, Pegzini Family, Charging Charlie.


Pillows with maps, memes, pop art and everything you can imagine for you house

Officially the most awesome collection of pillows you’ll ever find. Their strength is mugs, shower curtains, tapestries, pillows, duvets, rugs and clocks. Super stylish and can work as great statement pieces on their own. Go for the endless prints and patterns on this wild selection.

Items: World Map Pillow by Bekim ART, Black Cat by Good Sense, Venezia Shower Curtain by Takmaj.

What On Earth Catalog

Buy one of a kind decor pieces for your house
What On Earth

This site does justice to the name, for sure! If you’re looking for a wacky place, look no further. This place has everything: Hillary Clinton statues, garden gnomes, s’more pillows, and a life-size Doctor Who Tardis. If it’s fun, different and weird or What On Earth you want, you can find here.

Items: A Christmas Story Leg Lamp, Flatware Cat Sculpture, Genius Paperclip Holder, Skeleton Chairback Covers.


For international art and home decor from different countries, find what you need at Novica

In association with National Geographic. This will be heaven for those who love more natural pieces and also handmade and unique. It’s possible to shop by region or category. With amazing artists from beautiful places around the world, investing in any of this beautiful pieces will certainly give your home a stylish and cultural touch.

Shipping: For over 100 countries around the world.

Items: Cultural Crocodile Wood Mask ‘Balinese Mother Earth’, Nigerian Wood Wall Mask ‘Protect My Baby”, Mexican Blue Green Hand Woven Cotton Hammock ‘Maya Breeze’, Wood Cat Sculpture from Indonesia ‘Cat in Deep Meditation”.


For the geek in you, get everything Star Wars, gaming, Star Trek, and all else amazing to decorate your house

One of the geekiest sites, with everything you’re gonna want no matter what fandom you belong to. With a huge creative collection especially if you’re a fan of Star Wars, Star Trek, Game of Thrones, Marvel, DC, Doctor Who, Minecraft, The Big Bang Theory, and so much more. For the tech and science enthusiast, you’ll find a vast amount of exciting choices as well. For that nerdy touch, ThinkGeek probably has all you've always wanted, and what you didn’t even know existed.

Items: Star Wars Darth Vader Helmet Mug, Doctor WHo TARDIS Cookie Jar, Exclusive Rubik’s Cube Fridge.

Retro Planet

If you love vintage and retro, go for Retro Planet
Retro Planet

If you love retro, you’ll probably go crazy on this store. It’s possible even choosing your products by decade. The most stylish and adorable products, with that vintage touch for the modern pin up and classy act guy. There’s no way a house can be boring after a visit to Retro Planet.

Items: Shelby GT-350 Mustang 1965 Car Front Wall Shelf, Crosley Spinnerette Portable Turntable, Road Trip Diner Cookie Jar, Audrey Hepburn Holly Golightly Poster.

The Lost Lanes

Shop for customized art and personalized gifts to put some unique art at the house

Full of independent designers, this place is certainly a gem. Some pieces are more on the pricier side, but still a good investment. Lost Lanes also has a great collection of unique gifts, like the “Personalized Soundwave Wall Art Print/Canvas”. If you have any empty white walls, this is the place to find something inspiring to grace them.

Shipping: Made in UK. International Delivery Available.

Items: Personalized Soundwave Wall Art, Alice Down the Rabbit Hole Papercut in Alarm Clock, The Beatles ‘All You Need is Love’ Wall Print.

Sourpuss Clothing

For the rock and roll, punk, and music lovers, shop cool home decor and clothing.
SourPuss Houseware

For the rock n' roll lover, this is the perfect store. It’s more clothes and accessories, but their line of homewear it's worth checking out. It already has tons of Halloween decorations and humorous decor pieces to add some personality to any part of your house. Top options to transform your kitchen and bathroom.

Items: Skull Salt & Pepper Shaker, Nautical Ship Plate, Anatomy Tumbler.

Fishs Eddy

Beautiful and classic all american home decor with a modern edge

Anything you need for a fun kitchen you can find here. It ranges from classic design like the crystal glasses, solid bowls and flatware, to quirky mugs and a touch of retro with adorable prints like cherries and fishes.

Items: Artist Palette Cheese Tray, Cherries Juice Glass, Brooklynese "Buttah" Butter Dish.

Danna Bananas

For anything fun, quirky, perfect for gamers and people who love to bring fun and humor home.
Danna Bananas

Fun, cute gifts and decoration with humor. Amazing choices that will put a smile on your face. Danna Bananas is fully prepared for the Holidays, as well as gadgets, electronics for the game and retro lover.

Items: Beat Box Music Speaker, Pac-Man Wireless Infra-Red RC Racer, BBQ Guitar Spatula.


Art and interior design meet at MoMa.

Without needing to go to New York, you can get artistic pieces from well known and also upcoming designers. Has prices for every wallet and style for every person. Even a 4-in-1 travel adapter here is a reason to create art. Sometimes you really love that special artist, but can’t afford the expensive pieces. Here you can find an affordable option that will add some color and modern spike in your home. MoMa brings art closer to your life, wherever you are.

Items: HAY Tree Trunk, Cube Clock by Natalle Sun, Lumio Book Lamp by Max Gunawan.

Z Gallerie

For that special touch in your home decor

Also on the classy and modern side of quirky decor with still some very unusual things. With pieces in luxurious fabrics, furniture, metallics, crystals, you can still definitely find some unique pieces there. For the rest, you’ll find a good combination, since not every single piece needs to be quirky (gets too overpowering and crowded). Highlight on the chrome and platinum decor.

Items: Glass Faux Coral, Orbit Chandelier, Aluminum Shark’s Jaw.

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