Halloween is right around the corner and we are dying (no pun intended) to exercise our cooking skills with some creative tasty Halloween treats. Here are some of coolest ones we could find!

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Meringue Ghost Tartlets

Meringue Ghost Tartlets for your Halloween party
Meringue Ghost Tartlets | Source: Country Living

Ah, who doesn’t love a derpy little ghost? This one is pretty, easy to make and very tasty, but you may also like these other fellows:

Ghost Cake: needs a little more work, but looks adorable!

White Chocolate Ghosts: the cutest twinkies ever - and that’s saying a lot!

Friendly Ghosts: 10 minutes prep. Need I say more?

Frozen Boo-nanas

Halloween Treats: Frozen Boo-nanas
Frozen Boo-nanas | Source: Skinny Taste

I mean, I was gonna put this as an alternative for the ghost treats above, but it deserved its own entry - this is the most adorable thing I ever wanted to eat.

Spooky Fingers

DIY Halloween Spooky Fingers
Spooky Fingers | Source: Good House Keeping

This is actually not cute at all, but I’ve been told it tastes good. Even though my eyes tell me otherwise. You can also try this eye-pleasing version.

Grave Intentions

Halloween DIY cake: Grave Intentions
Grave Intentions | Source: Country Living

Probably the best title for a cake ever. And it looks very tasty. Especially for something called “Grave Intentions”.

Ouija Cake

Halloween Ouija Cake for Homeowners
Ouija Cake | Source: Country Living

This one needs the proper edible design to work, but it was so cool we just had to put it here. The cake itself is as easy to make as any other cake.

Decadently Dark Candy Apples

DIY Decadently Dark Candy Apples for Halloween
Decadently Dark Candy Apples | Source: Country Living

You gotta love how dark these apples look! But you can also try this version.

Melted Witch Bark

DIY Halloween Melted Witch Bark for the Kitchen
Melted Witch Bark | Source: Lil Luna

Freaking adorable. Looks very yucky, but very tasty at the same time - perfect for Halloween.

Bloody Cups (Vegan & Gluten-free)

Halloween DIY Bloody Cups
Bloody Cups (Vegan & Gluten-free) | Source: Elephantastic Vegan

These guys look properly dark for Halloween while being criminally tasty and best of all - gluten free.

Mummy Pumpkin Cookies

DIY Mummy Pumpkin Cookies great for any occasion
Mummy Pumpkin Cookies | Source: OMG Chocolate Desserts

These mummies are so adorable I don’t know if I could eat them. By the way, you may also like these Pretzel Mummies. Or scroll down for the cutest mummies ever.

Mummy Milanos

Yummy Mummy Milanos in the Home Kitchen
Mummy Milanos | Source: Chelsea’s Messy Apron

I told ya. And they are incredibly easy to make too!

Mini Ghost Pumpkin Cake

DIY Mini Ghost Pumpkin Cake served in the Dining Room
Mini Ghost Pumpkin Cake | Source: Ashlee Marie

I almost feel bad for these guys. Almost.

Peanut Butter Mousse Graveyard Cups

DIY Peanut Butter Mousse Graveyard in your Kitchen
Peanut Butter Mousse Graveyard Cups | Source: Create-Celebrate-Explore

Anything with that much chocolate in it is a must. Even with gravestones.

Cheese Witch’s Brooms

Craft Cheese Witch's Brooms: Perfect for any Halloween occasion
Cheese Witch’s Brooms | Source: Cocinando con Catman

OK, adding cheese to the mix is just pure cheating. How is anyone supposed to resist?

DIY Monsters Smore’s

DIY Monsters Smore's for Halloween Dining Room Parties
DIY Monsters Smore’s | Source: Say Yes

This is a great idea to have your kids help you - I wonder what crazy faces they would create.

Devilish Cupcakes

DIY Decadent Devilish Cupcakes for homeowners
Devilish Cupcakes | Source: Ambrosia Baking

As far as cupcakes go, this is the most evil they have ever looked - and somehow still tasty.

Floating Eyeballs Jello Shots

Halloween DIY Floating Eyeballs Jello Shots
Floating Eyeballs Jello Shots | Source: Sugar Hero

Huh. This is the only time in my life I ever wanted to drink something with eyes in it.

Oreo Spider Webs

DIY Oreo Spider Webs for Halloween
Oreo Spider Webs | Source: Delish

Spider webs are generally a “nope” for me, but if you add Oreos to the mix, suddenly it sounds OK.

Easy Pumpkin Patties

Easy for DIYers - Pumpkin Patties in a home Kitchen
Easy Pumpkin Patties | Source: Mom On Time Out

These pumpkins look great, taste good and are super easy to make!

Zombie Brain Cupcake + Printable Box

Zombie Brain Home Cupcake for Halloween
Zombie Brain Cupcake + Printable Box | Source: Bren Did

A serious contender for the best thing ever. This looks awesome, it’s perfect for Halloween and it’s easy to make. The link contains the printable box you can print and cut yourself for an extra touch, making it an awesome idea for a gift!

Jelly Worms

Custom Kitchen Treats: Jelly Worms
Jelly Worms | Source: Small Step Online

If you like treats that look horrible but taste good, this is for you! Halloween treats have that - sometimes they actually look kinda gross, and that’s an interesting mix. You can also try the SUPER GROSS version of these worms.

Creepy Sausage Fingers

Homeade DIY Creepy Sausage Fingers
Creepy Sausage Fingers | Source: La Princesse Aux Bidouilles

I swear to God this gave me the creeps, and I don’t know why: it’s just normal sausages with a few knife cuts. But blergh.

Guacamole Pumpkin

Homeade DIY Guacamole Pumpkin dip for Halloween
Guacamole Pumpkin | Source: Amee’s Savory Dish

Well, this is kinda gross. Not because it looks like puke, it’s because it looks like guacamole. Wait...

Mummy Hot Dogs

DIY Halloween Mummy Hot Dogs
Mummy Hot Dogs | Source: Our Best Bites

I mean, this is just adorable. I can’t wait to decapitate them with my teeth.

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