Are you a proud geek? Today is your day! May 25th is Geek Pride Day and to celebrate, we’re showing you some incredibly awesome and geeky kitchen products you never knew you needed. From a Death Star waffle maker to a Batman ice cube tray, get ready to feed your inner geek!

A Death Star Waffle Iron

get a Death Star waffle maker to feed your inner geek

Now you, too, can destroy the Death Star… by eating it! Turn your waffles into delicious edible Death Stars and consume them! Get it here.

A Millennium Falcon Cutting Board

a Millennium Falcon wood cutting board is the perfect way to celebrate Geek Pride Day

With a wood cutting board inspired by the fastest ship in the galaxy, you won’t have to worry about your knives getting dull or your countertops getting messy. Get it here.

A Batman Ice Tray

make your drinks even cooler with these awesome Batman ice cubes

Make your drink even cooler with awesome Batman ice cubes! You can even use it as a candy mold too! Get it here.

A Periodic-Table Cutting Board

use a cool periodic table cutting board

If you love learning the elements and love cooking, this is the perfect cutting board for you! Get it here.

Humorous Kitchen Signs

use funny kitchen decals to give your kitchen a personality of its own

While not from a particular fandom, the quote “Many have eaten here, few have died” is a humorous way to give your kitchen a personality. Turn your kitchen into its own character with this clever and reassuring decal. Get it here.

A Breaking Bad Spoon Rest

use this neat little Breaking Bad spoon rest for Only food.

Become a master chef like Walter White! Only… cook with food. This cute little spoon rest will help keep your stove clean while you’re making soup. Get it here.

A Pair of Super Mario Themed Salt and Pepper Shakers

use a pair of battery-shaped salt and pepper shakers for Geek Pride Day

Most of us had that Super Mario phase - some of us never came out of it! These mushroom and pipe salt and pepper shakers are a fun way to pass salt and pepper around the table. And maybe bring out the Super Nintendo. Get them here!

A Mug That’s Cursed With the Grim

a mug with a handcrafted Grim prophecy at the bottom makes for an excellent Geek Pride Day celebratory drink holder

If you love playing practical jokes on your Harry Potter loving friends, this is the perfect mug to serve them. Once they finish their beverage, they’ll be shocked to see a handcrafted representation of the Grim. Get it here.

A Pair of Etched Wine Glasses for You and Your Partner

For any Doctor Who lover and his (or her) companion, these wine glasses make an excellent addition to the kitchen

Whether you’re having a Doctor Who themed wedding or simply want to enjoy a glass of wine with your partner, these etched wine glasses are the perfect pair for any Doctor and his (or her) companion! Get them here.

For more awesome and geeky kitchen products, flip on your FTL drive and zoom over to Buzzfeed.

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