”In terms of pots and pans, I just use the basics - I'm not a snob like that.” -Aerin Lauder

Using pre existing cabinet space

Trying to store pots and pans is often a difficult proposition, as they are bulky and oddly proportioned and take up either valuable cabinet or pantry space. There are several solutions to this issue, however the variable is the amount of space available to you. While the average kitchen has a fair amount of cabinet space, in order to better utilize this space a system such as Glideware allows for you to store two full sets of pots and pans in an average sized lower cabinet. This will greatly enhance the amount of space available to you for storage, while also giving your cabinet a modern feel by using a system specifically designed for storage.

Existing cabinets can be used much more efficiently and more organized with this product.
By using the existing cabinet as a base, the glideware system allows for the same outward appearance of your cabinets. 
Source: homesandhues.com

How to use a wall for storage.

Another great option for pot and pan storage is a wall mounted peg board. This option is particularly good in a kitchen that has the wall space but lacks the cabinet space necessary for pan storage. By using a peg board you can hang both pots and pans, as well as any utensils that may not be able to be stored in a drawer or cabinet. Peg board is available in a multitude of colors and this will allow you to ensure that the decor of your kitchen is not disrupted by the space saving pegboard and its contents.

Use a wall to create a more effective storage area for bulky items.
Peg board is a great tool for utilizing wall space for storage in your kitchen.
Source: Bobvila.com

Using DIY skills to improvise a solution

A staple of the DIY crowd for pot and pan storage has been the overhead hanging rack. This type of storage can also provide you with an alternative way to light your kitchen. Another advantage of the hanging rack is that it is easily movable and does not require a cabinet or wall to provide you with the base for your storage needs. Most people when looking to use a hanging rack setup for pan storage also like that they don’t have to bend over and can see their entire supply of pots and pans easily.

The classic alternative to traditional storage, the hanging pot rack.
The hanging pot rack is a classic alternative to traditional storage and is very effective in eliminating cabinet clutter.
Source: DIYnetwork.com

To really help decide on which of these options would work best for you and your storage needs, there are a few things that need to be considered. For instance:

  • Cabinet space available
  • Wall space available
  • The amount of pots and pans that you have to store
  • The level of skill that you have in constructing a floating rack or installing the glideware system.

While all of these options are effective and fairly inexpensive, they do require some foresight into what amount of space you will need and the option which will best go with the design and decor of your kitchen. One thing that is the same across the board is that all the options have the ability to drastically improve the ease of use of your pots and pans.

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