The kitchen is the most populated and, many would say, the most important room of the house and the best way to ensure that your kitchen truly suits your preferences and needs as fully as it should is to roll up your sleeves and try your hand at a few DIY projects to improve the look, convenience, and efficiency of the space without have to break the bank for professional advice or assistance. An entire movement of do-it-yourselfers is currently gaining popularity across the country but for homeowners who are more uncertain about their DIY skills, particularly in a space so commonly frequented and depended upon there’s good news: it has never been easier to take an active role in kitchen remodels than it is today and with the help of just a little guidance, there are countless ways that a homeowner can create their ideal kitchen with just a little time and elbow grease. Here are just a few of our personal favorites:

Fun and Funky Painting Accents

Adding splashes of color to even the starkest kitchen is a great way to introduce excitement to the room’s design. Consider adding light, decorative interior painting touches to your kitchen chairs and crown molding to ensure that there’s something new and personal to discover in unexpected spaces.

Space for Spice

There are dozens of ways to add more spice to your life and dozens of ways to organize the spice already there a bit better. Even projects as small as adding a small, fitted spice shelf wall installation around the most populated cooking area or, better yet, fitting a small storage gutter around the perimeter of your kitchen’s island, is a quick and easy way to both organize and introduce new storage space.

Cut Cabinet Clutter

Your kitchen cabinet storage serves as one of the most important facets of the room as a whole and both through new cabinet installations, clever cabinet reorganization projects, and affordable projects like cabinet refacing and cabinet refinishing, there are countless ways to improve the storage abilities of your kitchen and make it much more efficient and convenient to use.

Beautiful Backsplash Builds

A backsplash isn't just a functional way to keep your kitchen walls clean of water, grease, and splashes of sauce, it’s also one of the best opportunities for homeowners to apply their own personal touches to the look of the space. DIY projects including tin, ceramic, and granite tile backsplash installations apply an elegant look to the functional side of the space and other, more specialized and customized materials, colors, and styles can be used to create a very visible, very eclectic look for the room’s design as a whole. Homeowners have explored crafts ranging from corks and vinyl-sealed advertisements to lend a totally unique look to the space to help make it distinctly your own.

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