There’s no better place to celebrate the 4th of July with your friends and family than in your newly designed outdoor kitchen. This luxurious space offers the relaxation and fun of a back deck installation with much less maintenance over time and, when outfitted with the right appliances, accessories, and storage, can quickly become a favorite space in your home this 4th of July and many July 4ths to come!

As you’re planning your 4th of July blow-out this year be sure to equip your outdoor kitchen with these must-have features and you’re sure to have a party that’ll be the talk of the entire neighborhood!

Storage, Storage, Storage

Patriotic cupcake display
Patriotic cupcakes are also a must-have for 4th of July. Source: Flickr

Just as your home’s main kitchen relies heavily on cabinet installations, drawers, and countertops, so does your outdoor kitchen demand a space for everything.

A cluttered outdoor kitchen not only looks unattractive but also lessens the available space which you and your guests have to spread out in during your 4th of July party and BBQ. Finding creative and affordable ways to increase these storage and space options is easy, however, and in a pinch many of the lightweight movable storage options within your home can be repurposed for a day. Just make sure that you fully cover any furniture you don’t want to get damaged or stained.

Pest Control

All wooden exterior patio with open air windows
Keep your guests happy with proper pest control. Source: Winter Haven

One of the inevitable downsides of summer BBQs and 4th of July parties, mosquitoes, ants, and bugs of all kinds are sure to stop by the festivities at some point. With the use of an outdoor kitchen and a lot of outdoor cooking pest control is even more pressing of a concern than usual so be prepared with a number of different options to repel the unwanted guests. Citronella candles and patio enclosures are cheap and effective ways to keep away pests of all kinds without having to have your guests douse themselves in greasy, smelly bug sprays.

Entertainment of All Sizes

DIY food and drink layout
Provide entertainment options for guests of all ages. Source: Eat Well 101

In all likelihood your outdoor kitchen is already fitted with a sound system or a TV but for a 4th of July party that will truly top all the others it’s wise to outfit your space with a variety of entertainment options for everyone who may stop by including your friends and their kids. Set aside a part of your yard as a “kids only” area and equip it with fun things like:

  • Water balloons
  • Squirt guns
  • And some carefully supervised sparklers

Match this space with an adult area within viewing distance that’s decked out with the music, wet bar, and grilling that you and your friends are sure to love.

Don’t have the space for outdoor entertainment yet? Get a free estimate on deck installation today!

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