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After the cold and wet months of winter, the long summer days have finally arrived, which means it’s time to start spending time outdoors again! But if you, like many homeowners, have let the weather take its toll on your home’s exterior, the state of your deck or porch might put a damper on expected summer fun. Don’t let an outdated or ill-kept outdoor space get in the way of enjoying the season (and showing off your home)! An experienced host knows the setting of any gathering can make or break the experience for their guests. So if you were planning to simply open the back door and hope for the best, we hope you’ll take our advice and spend a little extra time creating a space your friends, family, and neighbors will get excited to spend time in. And if you need some inspiration or direction, we’ve got just what you’re looking for - check out these ways to upgrade any deck, porch, or patio in time for season’s gatherings.

5 Ways to Upgrade your Outdoor Space


Power washing or pressure cleaning, the results are clear
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It might seem like a no-brainer, but if your deck or porch hasn’t been cleaned recently (and we mean really cleaned), this can be one of the biggest upgrades you accomplish this summer. The difference between an old deck and one that’s been freshly power-washed is huge, and the project is one you can easily do yourself (or call in a professional, if you’d rather) using rented equipment from a hardware store. Not only will a heavy-duty cleaning look and feel good, but it can help you identify where there’s any damage that needs repaired.


Beautiful custom wooden decks for a home exterior
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Maybe your deck is the big, expansive space you’d like it to be, but chances are it’s probably fallen short of expectations at least once over the last year. In this case, the best way to upgrade is simply to add where it doesn’t measure up - in other words, build an extension or addition to the space you have. Whether you’re looking at a complete deck remodel (it’s one of the best remodeling projects for your money) or simply adding patio space, it can be the difference between a comfortable backyard gathering and a party where some guests have to stand in the grass.


Inlaid custom designs in wooden decks
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For any deck, porch, or patio, it’s important to think about the material they’re made out of any time you’re thinking about upgrading. Decks tend to be made out of wood which gives homeowners plenty of options for upgrades. If the wood is looking worn or starting to get damaged/scuffed up, you might want to think about staining the deck; the process is easy to DIY and the end result can be stunning. If you want to take it a step further, you can always upgrade the actual material of your decking to higher quality wood. Exotic options like Ipe, Teak, or Cumaru add that ‘wow!’ factor.

Outdoor patio furniture perfect for any home exterior
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If your outdoor space is a porch or patio, you can still upgrade the materials, though it depends more on the layout of your specific space. Think about using concrete pavers instead of a concrete slab, or even incorporating beautiful natural stones into your patio.

Built-In Seating

Exterior electrical fireplace for a patio
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If you’re already thinking about upgrading your deck or patio, a great way to do this with entertaining in mind is to add options for built-in seating. Not only will this ensure you have plenty of places for guests to hang out, but built-in seating adds visual interest to your outdoor space and allows you to create a set-up that is well-thought out and always ready. Whether you hang plants over a cushioned alcove or you build up bar seating beside a counter, guests will be impressed (and won’t want to leave!).

Outdoor Kitchen

Exterior kitchen for grilling on the deck!
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Why spend all your time in the kitchen while the party is happening outdoors? Most homeowners get stuck in the kitchen while they’re preparing food and drinks, but what if you could bring everything you needed - stove, sink, the works - outdoor with you? These days, you can; outdoor kitchens are a trend that don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. From a simple set-up built around a grill to an elaborate full kitchen space (complete with a fridge), the options are endless and sure to impress.

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