Valentine’s Day is coming up soon, so make sure you have the right setting in your home to keep you and your significant other warm through the night. If you don’t have a working fireplace, there a

re many ways to achieve the warmth and coziness of fire without the maintenance and danger. Here are five easy examples of faux fireplaces you can make this Valentine’s Day.

DIY Flameless Fire Pit

Fireless flame in the living room
Warming and relaxing Free People

The DIY flameless fire pit is a wonderful way to bring an air of cozy warmth and romance to your home for Valentine’s Day. Whether you love the idea of camping or simply want to do something unique and different this Valentine’s Day, clear out the furniture in your living room and set up this flameless fire pit in the center. Use faux fur blankets or sleeping bags and relax with your loved one while enjoying a glass of red wine and some chocolate.

Candlelight Fireplace

A luscious faux fireplace in the living room
Just light some candles Life Love Lindsey

Candlelight is the epitome of romantic lighting. Using some wood or even cardboard, you can create your own faux fireplace and use real candles to give it warmth. Be sure to use candles of varying heights and widths for a diverse focal point. Turn down the lights and indulge the senses with scented candles.

Chalkboard Fireplace

DIY chalkboard fireplace that can be placed in any room
Not as warm, but... DIY Network

For a fun and funky faux fireplace, use chalkboard paint and chalk. Your significant other will love the creativity of this chalkboard fireplace and you can even take it a step further by punching holes in the chalkboard and using fairy lights to make your faux fire glow. If you are really artistic, use colored chalk to make your fireplace look more realistic.

Electric Fireplace

Relax in the basement with a great electric fireplace
Electric fire Home Depot

When you want real heat without having to chop your own wood or worry about gas leaks, opt for an electric fireplace. There are so many different sizes, styles, and prices to choose from you’ll be sure to find something you love. There’s nothing better than feeling real heat coming from your electric fireplace when you’re having a romantic evening with the person you love.

Portable Fireplace Candle

For the ultimate in space saving fireplaces, also known as a
Portable fire Net-A-Porter

Last on our list is the candle that calls itself a portable fireplace. This is the perfect faux fireplace if you live in an apartment where you can’t change the decor or if you simply don’t have the DIY skills to make your own faux fireplace. Boasting a 60 hour burn time, this fireplace-scented candle will bring you and your loved one a warm flame for the entire Valentine’s Day weekend.

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