Para-cord or 550 cord is one of those materials that seems to be able to do anything. And when we say anything, we mean anything - para-cord can be used to tow a truck, replace a serpentine belt, substitute for a shoelace, act as woodcraft cordage, or even be used as a belt if you really need it to.

The uses don’t stop there, however. Like many other materials, para-cord is really only limited by the creativity of the user. Curious as to what para-cord can do? Read on and find out!

DIY home projects with paracord! The most reliable material
Para-can Instructables

Nalgene Koozie

This creative koozie is an attractive and unique way to tote your BPA-free water bottles wherever you go. In addition to keeping your hands away from condensation, this project also means you’ll have para-cord whenever you have your Nalgene.

Paracord laptop carrier that you can make yourself
DIY laptop case Instructables

Para-Cord Laptop Carrier

This para-cord laptop carrier is super cool. Made of braided para-cord, it’s strong enough to handle any stress you put it though without ever snapping. And since para-cord comes in every color under the sun, you could always have one to match whatever outfit or coat you were wearing.

Outdoor hammock in a bottle. I'm sending out an S.O.S.
Easily portable hammock Instructables

Hammock in a Bottle

This project is a two-for-one deal. In addition to keeping your Nalgene in it’s koozie, you can keep your hammock in the Nalgene! The hammock is ideal for camping or home use, and can also double as a “bear bag” to hang your food from a tree limb and away from hungry grizzlies when in the wilderness.

DIY modern day armor for a cable
Cable armor Pinterest

Phone Cable Armor

If you’re anything like me, you go through phone cables pretty quickly. They’re a great invention, but the constant battering of being run over by office chairs, unplugged unkindly, and being contorted at odd angles really limits their lifespan. This para-cord wrap acts like a sort of armor for your cables, which makes them more likely to last a good long while.

Life hacks with paracord: secret keychain
Secret key compartment DIY Ready

Keychain With a Secret

This woven keychain holds a secret - it’s also a surreptitious storage device for emergency cash. Even if you don’t want to weave in a Benjamin, it’s still a cool project and a useful thing to have on your keychain.

The ultimate in outdoor fishing tips: make your own line Instructables
Outdoor fishing Instructables

Para-Cord Fishing Lure

This is by far the easiest project on the list, and could also be the most fun. A simple 2 inch length of para-cord with frayed inner cord looks remarkably like a little fish in the water. The addition of a hook means you can catch fish and feed yourself in an emergent situation. In a non-emergent one, you can throw the fish back.

These project are by no means all you can do with para-cord, but they are a great place to start. If you’re looking for a wide variety of colors for your cordage, be sure to check out Rothco. They’re the manufacturer the government uses to supply our troops with cordage, so they must be doing something right! As always, we encourage you to share your projects with us via our Facebook.

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