Most homeowners find themselves wanting a bigger or more organized bedroom closet to make their morning routine just a bit easier. Some go a step beyond, and speak with bedroom remodeling professionals about having a walk-in closet built. But for some homeowners, there’s no settling for anything less than the absolute best.

In those cases, a custom, professionally performed closet build from specialized designers is the only way to perfectly create the elegant, luxurious space that every homeowner wants and you (or your wife, hint, hint) deserve. To help get you started on your own closet design plans, we’ve scoured the internet for some of the coolest custom closets and found these 7 closet designs that you’re sure to be either envious of or inspired by. In either case, take a quick look and just try not to want your own new bedroom closet construction.

Clean and Calming

While your bedroom may not have the sweeping view or picture perfect window installation, there’s a lot about this stark, modern closet design that can inspire your own. The spotless surfaces and simple, subdued color scheme give the design a feel of fresh, new life which is sure to inspire every morning as you’re getting ready.

Form and Function

First and foremost think of your new closet construction as a functional part of your home. Be sure to notice in this example that while your eye is first drawn to the central display in the middle, tons of functional space for storage surrounds it on every side. Even a small, central focal point is enough to completely define your new closet so don’t abandon purpose for looks alone.

Cool and Contemporary

This style of walk-in closet places a heavy value on its cool and contemporary look with impeccably clean glass doors and back lighting that’s straight out of the Millennium Falcon but all of these carefully crafted points also ensure that organization and cleanliness are maintained, if only to ensure every part of the space can be appreciated right away.

Whimsical and Wild

No matter what remodels and renovations you may have done to your bedroom closet you’re probably not going to be showing it off to too many visitors. With this increased sense of privacy, it offers an excellent opportunity to explore fun, unexpected design styles without having to consider how it flows with the rest of the interior design. Experiment with whimsical painting services and accessory choices to brighten your closet and your day all in one swing.

Suit Up!

This classy closet is an excellent example both of how a walk-in closet isn’t just the domain of women and how important a clear visual of all your options is to making your new space a success. Between the organization, the rich, nature-inspired color palette, and the layout of storage, this homeowner can get an immediate grasp of his wardrobe options in the morning to ensure the right choice while in an incredibly charming environment that invites choice and consideration.

A Place for Everything...

The real beauty of custom closet design services is how the space can be precisely tailored to the organization needs of your home in particular. Simply by focusing on specially measured storage cubbies for all your hanging clothes, folded clothes, shoes, handbags, and more you can make a tremendous difference in how your bedroom looks and feels. These specially tailored storage options along with a generous amount of lighting installations help to make this closet feel full, but easily accessible, instead of cluttered and confusing.

Vintage Inspiration

From the delicate door ties and Victorian chair to the timeless island/storage features and (in case you didn’t notice it) chandelier, this custom closet build is entirely focused on bringing the charm and class of older days into the modern day. What’s more, the unique inclusion of islands with storage built in allows for a huge amount of usage for anything from organizing to accessorizing.

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