Spring is officially here and we can feel summer coming shortly. And for those of us who love DIY projects and upcycling, this time of year is the best for starting new projects. This season, upcyclers everywhere have found the beauty that shutters can bring to your home with a little bit of elbow grease and imagination. We’ve gathered nine of our favorite shutter upcycle ideas to help you get inspired to make your own. From gardens, benches, shelves to jewelry organization, there is bound to be a shutter project perfect for you.

1. Free Standing Jewelry Organizer

Lost Little Things

This project is perfect for those of us who want to have our jewelry on display but don’t necessarily want it hanging on the wall. This is perfect for organizing and display, all you need is shutters, hinges to connect the shutters and sticky hooks!

2. Kitchen Tool Display

Design Sponge

With a little bit of creative paint and some hooks you can have the perfect place to display and keep handy your favorite kitchen tools. It looks great and makes things more convenient when cooking up your delicious masterpieces.

3. Shutter Mail Holder

Samantha Elizabeth 

Mail is always everywhere in my house. There never feels like a perfect place to put it where it will be seen by everyone. This is a perfect solution if you find yourself having that problem too. You can display cards, organize mail and even add hooks to keep your keys where you can find them!

4. Kitchen Island

Beyond the Picket Fence

This is an amazing DIY for those of you not blessed with a kitchen large enough for an island. Since moving into a place without one, I’m always looking for a good DIY to build one for myself. Maybe this one will be perfect for your home too!

5. Shutter Picture Display

Our Sweet Story

Think outside the box...or the frame in this case and display your family pictures on a repurposed shutter.

6. Coffee Lovers Shutter DIY

Home Talk

Display your favorite mugs and make them easy to reach for in the zombie walk from the bedroom to the coffee pot in the morning with this awesome DIY.

7. Bathroom Storage Solution

Confessions of a Serial DIYer

Find yourself without enough storage in the bathroom? Take a couple old shutters and make yourself a self for your personal items and hooks perfect for towels and robes.

8. Shutter Benches

Liz Marie 

Skip the traditional chairs for your dining room table and sit down to dinner with your family on these rustic and beautiful benches.

9. Succulent Shutter

Lila B Designs

The succulent trend is growing and you can do almost anything with them, including planting them in a shutter. They are low maintenance and look beautiful anywhere. Perfect for beginning gardeners or those who live in the city and can’t maintain much of an outdoor garden.

Get out there and check your local thrft shop, junk yard or flea market and find those shutters. You never know what you’re going to find to make the perfect DIY solution to the organizational problems in your home.

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