If there’s one thing everyone can agree on, it’s pets: they’re fun to have around and to care for, and they always brighten up your day! Whether they’re playing around, chewing something they shouldn’t, or just sitting there looking cute, they make us more human by giving us responsibilities and constantly making us smile.

To celebrate their adorableness, here are 10 animals in tiny hats that will instantly make you smile and make your day better!

The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated. Mahatma Gandhi

Unexpectedly Cute

Super fashionable!
Super fashionable! Source: Twitter

Who would’ve thought that snakes could be adorable, right? But then again, we’ve never seen them wearing a winter hat before!

I must say, this photo is making me change the way I see snakes!

Isn’t this the Cutest Pup Ever?!

The fanciest pup alive!
The fanciest pup alive! Source: Dognamoro

Min Pins already look super adorable since they’re so small, but they can look even more special (and dapper) with a tiny hat like this one!

A Tiny Knitted Hat for a Baby Chick

Everyone needs a winter hat!
Everyone needs a winter hat! Source: Imgur

Baby chicks are already super cute on their own, but with tiny hats they look impossibly adorable. I wish I could have a bunch of them (and that they could stay that size forever!).

A Camping Hedgehog

Camping just became more interesting
Camping just became more interesting. Source: Cosmopolitan

An adorable hedgehog with a teenie weenie hat, camping and chilling. Cuteness overload! He even has a teenie weenie cooler and full picnic! I’d totally trust him as a hiking guide.

Chef Hat

Cooking skills!
Cooking skills! Source: Buzzfeed 

Turtles are known for being ultimate slow and steady, but this tortoise is no ordinary one. With a tiny chef hat and crazy cooking skills, this adorable buddy above promises to make your day even better!

Snakes Love Halloween

I really want a snake pet right now!
I really want a snake pet right now! Source: Primcousa

While you may see more dogs and cats dressed up for Halloween, they’re not the only ones who can! Snakes also deserve to join in on the fun! And this little guy looks super cute in his tiny chicken hat!

“Is It Summer Yet?!”

Enjoying the weather.
Enjoying the weather. Source: Buzzkeys

This cool, good looking cat is tired of winter and just wants summer again, like most of us. While snowy days are great for watching TV shows super cozy on the sofa, some people (and animals!) prefer a sunny day to go out for a walk and enjoy the weather, like this chill kitty above.

Hat In a Cat

“Good evening, Sir.
“Good evening, Sir.” Source: Cats In Care

While hats are a little démode for humans, for animals they’re the coolest accessories ever. The unusual marking on this cat makes it look like he has a permanent fancy hat, creating an elegant look that no one can copy!

Who says cats don’t like to dress up?

Ginger cats are the most playful ones!
Ginger cats are the most playful ones! Source: Sun Home

Cats don’t usually like putting on accessories, but this weather requires comfy and cozy clothes. While a scarf may be a little too much, a winter hat is totally doable for this tom!

Reasons why to love winter: comfy hats!

“Does this look good on me?
“Does this look good on me?” Source: Playbuzz

Comfy hats are the best: they make you feel warmer, cozier and also hide the fact that you didn’t have time (or patience) to deal with your messy hair. (It’s okay, I do it too!)

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