There’s nothing better to get through the winter blues than looking at pictures of adorable animals. While you may be sick of shoveling snow, these cute critters are having the time of their lives running around and playing in it. So take a little time to relax from shoveling and lower your stress level by looking at these charming creatures playing in snow!

Baby Bird

A baby bird running through snow.
This baby bird loves running through the snow. Source: Pinterest

Rolling Horse

This horse loves to roll around in the snow!
Horses love rolling around in snow and making horsey snow angels! Source: Buzzfeed

Happy Elephant

Who knew that elephants love snow too?
Who knew that elephants loved snow, too? Source: dumpaday

Smiling Dog

This dog just looks so happy to see snow.
This happy dog loves frolicking in the snow. Source: Pinterest

Playful Tigers

This tiger wants to build a snowman.
Do you want to build a snowman? Source: vintagerosewinterwonderland

Mischievous Squirrels

These squirrels are about to have a fun-filled snowball fight.
Some mischievous squirrels about to get into a snowball fight. Source: tumblr

Snowman’s Best Friend

Dogs are a snowman's best friend.
The only downside is thinking an arm is a toy. Source: Pinterest

Adorable Bunny

This bunny nibbling on the snowman's nose is so cute!
This bunny nibbling on the snowman's nose is just too cute. Source: Hercampus

Joyful Cat

While cats may hate water, they seem to love snow!
Things that make you go aww. Source: mnn

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