Times are changing, but with that change brings a unique look to vintage furniture. As homes take on a more contemporary tone, antique furniture pieces have a unique position to fill. By mixing vintage and modern furniture you can create a truly one of a kind atmosphere in your home’s interior that would be very difficult to copy. So mix it up with both old and new furniture.

”Antique things have an appreciation and worth. Something can be old, but it can be timeless; therefore, it becomes an antique. If this antique is preserved and deemed precious, it could be passed down as a family heirloom.” - CeeLo Green

As a Centerpiece

The colorful array of options in the dining room
Here's a great way to mesh classic with contemporary. Source: Ziora

When using antique pieces, be sure to place them as the center of attention in the room. When mixed with modern furniture, they will really stand out. Add bold colors around the piece to really add on the spotlight. This is a prime example of how to decorate with antiques in a modern style. The dynamic between the old and new is what makes the style so exciting. Here are just a few other examples of getting the old piece to stand out.

  • Vintage dresser outside the bedroom
  • Traditional desk with modern tech
  • Older table with new chairs
  • Repaint the piece to match the room
  • Use an oriental rug
  • Vintage cabinets in a modern kitchen
  • Classic chandelier with modern electric work

Ancient Pieces As Decor

Who would've ever thought this would end up as decor?
An old crate can be a foundation piece. Source: Trendir

Try using older pieces as decor in different ways. Like the example above, an old chest can become a sort of table for a basin and planter jug. It’s a wholly rustic look that uses several antique pieces to becomes something truly unique. It’s the perfect example of modern vintage home decor. So combine your favorite older pieces to make something new. Take some of the following recommendations to keep in mind.

  • Old shelves adorned with vintage decor
  • Vintage luggage coffee table
  • Old table with an older mirror
  • Antique milk jug planter
  • Use old wood for signs
  • Vintage dresser as exterior decor
  • Retro appliances

Specific Era Themed Room

In case you ever wanted to know what it's like to sit in a detective's chair
A classic 1920's vibe for an office. Source: Striper Coast

Here’s looking at you, kid. The room above could easily fit right into a film noir detective movie. It’s a great example of mixing mid century modern and traditional furniture. What’s your favorite place in time? What century are you most drawn to? Here are just a few suggestions, so pick out what works for you.

  • The rustic farm decor of the 1900s
  • The Rockwell style of 1910
  • The roaring ’20s
  • 1930s art deco
  • The big band swing era of the ’40s
  • The colorful retro look of the ’50s

Antique Furniture But Modern Decor

Don't you just love the look of those sofas?
It's great when everything just matches together. Source: Decorology

In mixing modern and traditional furniture, living rooms can benefit from a wide variety of looks. Should you choose to, the option of keeping the furniture as “old” and the decor as “modern” can yield some pretty interesting results. In the example above, the sofa and chair are more antiquated while the walls are completely modernized. The two styles seem to complement each other quite nicely.

Classic Wallpaper That Complements Modern Furniture

Wallpaper isn't quite dead yet.
Look at the calm yet vibrant tones in color. Source: Brewster Walls

Wallpaper has come a long way in recent years. What used to be an eyesore is now a style choice. Somewhat the opposite of the previous example, this concept features modern furniture with vintage walls. While the wallpaper itself is new, the concept dates back to the 1800’s. This makes it a prime example of modern vintage home decor. Bonus points if you can totally match the color scheme of the room.

Old Timey Cabinets in a Modern Kitchen

Even the kitchen can stand some old school influence
When the old meets the new. Source: Decorholic

The stark contrast between old school carpentry design and sleek modern kitchen appliances is very noticable. It’s an eye-catching approach and a great example of how to decorate with antiques in a modern style. Moreover, custom cabinets are sure to add a lot of value to your home, and up-to-date appliances will certainly do the same. It’s a bold look that any homeowner can get behind.

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