You’ve probably heard by now that the new film Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens hits theaters this week. If you haven’t seen the trailers, noticed the waves of merchandise and advertisements, or noticed the internet collectively holding its breath, then let us be the first to let you know that Star Wars is back and people are pretty excited. How excited? Well, we searched far and wide through the galaxy far, far away to see all the fans who are taking the reins off their nerdiness and displaying their love of all things Star Wars all throughout their homes. Here are the 5 Star Wars decor items so cool that any fan would try to rationalize featuring around their home.

Han Solo in Carbonite Desk

Nothing says professional like a smuggler frozen in carbonite
Working solo Tom Spina Designs

Tom Spina Designs [1] creates entirely custom home decor items and has earned the respect and unstoppable envy of Star Wars nerds around the world with this stunning Han Solo desk complete with fully lit frame. Imagine this in your home office and just try to say it’s not cool with a straight face.

Imperial Throne Room Home Theater

A long time ago in a home theater not so far away
The ultimate in surround sound Modern Home Theater

Where better to binge watch the original trilogy (and if you really have to, the prequels) than in this stunning Star Wars themed home theater? These Seattle, WA homeowners decked out their home theater with three rows of plush leather theater seats, two lifesize replicas of costumes from the series, a top-of-the-line Runco DLP projector [2], and a thunderous surround sound system all to bring the galactic adventures of a young farmboy a little closer to home.

Millennium Falcon Cockpit Bed

They'll be asleep in 12 parsecs
Dreaming of making the Kessel run Gizmodo

If you’re a Star Wars fan and you’re trying to raise your kids on the right side of the Wars/Trek (and also happen to have a few thousand dollars lying around) this Millennium Falcon style bed from Pottery Barn is precisely what you’re looking for. Any young Star Wars fan would love to see this in their bedroom after they see the new film.

Mounted Star Wars Monster Heads

No fireplace mantle is complete without a Wampa head from a hunt on Hoth
Some bantha decor from Hoth Laughing Squid

Sure, there are plenty of cool ways to decorate your mantelpiece with elegant, tasteful conversation starters and charming Christmas displays but none of those will draw the eye quite like a mounted Rancor head. Boston artist Jon Defreest designed these unapologetically nerdy taxidermy pieces of many of the central creatures in the Star Wars universe and, in doing, gave us all something we didn’t know we wanted. Tragically, these artistic masterpieces are just Photoshop creations (for now) but if there’s any fanbase that can will merchandise into creation, it’s the Star Wars fanbase.

Lightsaber Lighting Displays

Light up the home interior with lightsaber fixtures
Lightsaber lights Thinkgeek

There’s nothing as iconic in the Star Wars universe as the hum and glow of a lightsaber. That’s why one of the best (and according to this list, most affordable) ways to bring your love of Star Wars to your home is with wall-mounted lightsaber lighting fixtures. Whether you’re planning on using these elegant weapons from a more civilized age to display more of your merchandise, make your kid’s room the coolest one in the neighborhood, or simply serving as a reminder of your favorite movie series, the wide variety of lightsaber lamps available today make it an incredibly easy and customizable project to take on.



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