Every homeowner preparing for kitchen remodel work has worried about things that could go wrong. And, unfortunately, many homeowners have had major problems arise during their remodeling work. However, these concerns shouldn’t stop you from getting the beautiful, new kitchen you want. Just take a look at this simple guide to avoid some of the most common pitfalls that homeowners run into with kitchen renovations.

Don’t Underestimate Spacing Demands

There’s a huge difference between how things can fit in your kitchen design and how things can comfortably fit in your kitchen design. Too often homeowners will be so set on featuring a fancy new appliance or packing as much storage space as possible into the space that they fail to account for how their choices will look and function when that close to each other.

A good rule of thumb is to allow for easy movement of everything from your refrigerator's door to your pull out trash and recycling cans. If these movements clash with each other or are so close to each other that the space would become overly occupied, a redesign may be in order.

Don’t Assume High Price = High Quality

Kitchen countertops
Even if you have the budget for it, don’t automatically go for the highest priced items.

Your home has to be designed with your specific needs in mind and nowhere is that more important than in the kitchen. Often homeowners are trained to think that the highest price will be attached to the highest quality product but in kitchens the price is not nearly as important as considering the usage that you’re expecting to have.

For example:

  • Homeowners who use their countertops and islands for cooking more than entertaining should opt for solid surfaces like stainless steel or granite.
  • Homeowners who love entertaining may wish to use tile, wood, or glass.
  • The amount of foot traffic affects which flooring is right for you.
  • The amount of storage you need affects the number of cabinets required.

Don’t Hire Anyone Without Seeing Their Previous Work

Kitchen remodels can be especially lengthy procedures and often can be involved enough to make homeowners stay outside of the home while the work is being done. While it’s always wise to do thorough research on the contractors you’re considering, kitchen designers need to be particularly checked out given the expense, duration, and importance of their work.

Any kitchen remodeling contractor worth your time has a series of references available so that you can take a tour and get a hands-on feel for what their final results are like. There’s an enormous selection of contractors available across the country today, if a kitchen designer you’re looking into fails to offer these referrals or otherwise appears less than reliable, move onto another one.

Don’t Put Off Appliance Choices

Appliances don’t need to be the biggest ticket price on your kitchen remodel, but they should be among the first. Once you have these features accounted for you’ll be able to show them to the contracting team you eventually decide upon, making it easier for them to make design suggestions, and adjust the dimensions of things like walkways and cabinets.

However, despite their early inclusion in your budget, it’s important not to devote too much of your funds to these items. Often appliances are over-priced and the most advanced models can be largely unnecessary for most homeowners. Instead, spend more on your lighting and countertop choices.

Don’t Forget, Trends Pass

Kitchen remodeling is often the most expensive remodeling work that you can have performed. To make sure you get your money’s worth stick with remodeling designs which are easily updated, and which don’t rely too much on the style trends of the moment. While you absolutely should infuse your home with your own taste and style, it’s easy and advisable to have a solid, classic basis for your kitchen.

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