Imagine a bar where you never have to wait in line, where the DJ always plays your favorite songs, and where the TVs are always showing your team’s game. Now imagine that perfect bar right in the comfort of your own home! All around the country homeowners are planning their own home bar addition with the exact design, styling, and decor they’ve always wanted. Whatever the style, placement, or budget home bars are the perfect place to relax and entertain, alike. And you don’t even have to get an Uber home!

Compact and Mobile Home Bars

You don’t need a whole room or a lot of space to dedicate to your home bar. In fact, some of the coolest bars are created and designed for small spaces. Compact or mobile home bars are designed with storage and simplicity in mind. Whether you get a cabinet, a cart, an end table, kegerator, or a wall-mounted bar, there are plenty of ways to incorporate a home bar even in the smallest of spaces.

Modern Wine Rack Tower

Wine racks that any home basement can enjoy
Photo Courtesy of Lushome

Wall-Mounted Bar Cabinet

Cabinets on any interior wall hold a special something
Photo Courtesy of A Beautiful Mess

Rustic Home Bar Cart

Gorgeous wooden rustic portable bar
Photo Courtesy of Houzz

Modern, Contemporary, and Futuristic Home Bars

You love LED lights, touchscreen technology, and clean, sleek lines. You want your home bar to be as advanced as your smartphone or tablet. While some bars around the world are implementing touch-screen technology in their countertops, it’s still a relatively new advancement that requires a bit more fine-tuning before it can be brought into home bars. If you’re tech savvy enough, however, there are DIY ways to make your own touch-screen surface. To create your contemporary, modern, or futuristic bar, use unique materials, creative lighting, and funky shapes.

Scenic Heights Modern Bar

Super modern contemporary bar style
Photo Courtesy of Kruger Coin

Metallic Home Bar

Sleek, elegant metallic bar for a luxurious home
Photo Courtesy of Room and Bath

Touchscreen Bar Table

High end electronic touch screen bar for a home interior
Photo Courtesy of DC Bolt Productions

Traditional Home Bar

For a traditional home bar, think English or Irish pub. Warm woods with borders and panels, mirrors, and shelves stocked with spirits give your home bar a traditional and classic look. These home bars are perfect if you’re looking for a classy, old-school place to relax with friends and family.

West Hillhurst Traditional Home Bar

Traditional, ornate look in a home bar
Photo Courtesy of Architecture Art Designs

Traditional Corner Home Bar

Enjoy a lounge style bar with a pool table
Photo Courtesy of Able Design

Elegant English Traditional Home Bar

Traditional English pub style bar stool seating
Photo Courtesy of Houzz

Wine Cellar

If you’d rather show off your impressive wine collection than learn how to mix drinks, a wine cellar is your best option. If you have a basement, you’re already ahead of the game. If you don’t have one, you still have plenty of options to create your perfect wine cellar, although you might end up calling it a fancy wine rack or tower.

Wall-Mounted Wine Rack Panels

Custom modernized wine cellar with wooden wall rack
Photo Courtesy of Get Stact

Wood and Concrete Wine Cellar

Cellar basement wine rack display that is actually made of wood
Photo Courtesy of Architectural Digest

Spiral Wine Cellar

The ultimate in modern wine storage: spiral cellar
Photo Courtesy of Kitchen Source Book
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