Bathroom mirror height

You don't have to be afraid or to include extra money on your bathroom remodel cost and budget just because you did something wrong with the furniture installation! We are going to show you right below exactly how high your new bathroom mirrors, sinks and other furniture should be. Ready?


The height of bathroom mirrors should be based on your own height, and you may use the imaginary line created between the counter and the ceiling to get a more symmetrical installation. Just make sure to include on the measurement both the top and bottom edges of your mirror.

Tip: take a piece of paper that has the same size as your actual mirror and put it on the wall at the height of your face, placing your nose right in the middle of it.

Vanity and its Lights

The bathroom vanity height will be measured also with your height but, in many cases, it gets somewhere between 32 to 36 inches so people avoid leaning too far forward when washing their hands.

Take a pencil and draw a little line or point where you intend to lean to do your hygiene using the vanity. Then, install your furniture. As for the vanity’s lights, place them on top of the mirror.

Recommended vanity width:

  • single sink: 30 - 38 inches; and
  • double sink: 60 - 72 inches.

Remember to consider the measures of the whole bathroom too.


The bathroom counter height is normally 32 to 34 inches too, not counting the sink. So keep in mind that it has to be taller than the toilet sink if you’re considering building one. Ask for a bathroom remodeling contractor’s opinion before doing anything.


You can have benches inside or outside the shower and that furniture can be a little lower than the typical seats we know. Sixteen inches are a perfect height for it. Benches are good for families with children and also for people to shave their legs without having to lift them so much.


The shower height is another concern for homeowners, don’t you agree? A shower head shouldn't be so low that you have to bend over or so high that the water doesn't fall right on you. A height of 6 feet, 6 inches is typical, but this can be adjusted to suit your own height.

In case of installing a bathtub, an 18 inches wide fixed panel and a 24 inches wide door panel will work well for a typical 60 inches one. Place the handle where it is comfortable for you to reach.


The standard toilet height is 15.7 inches and, for people with disabilities, the ideal toilet measures is something between 16.9 inches and 17.7 inches from the finished floor, measured without the seat. Its length is 27.5 minimum.

Now that you know the right measurements of the things needed in a bathroom, feel free to start your renovation and make the area more comfortable and safe. Everything will, for sure, be in the right place!

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