Having a small balcony is no obstacle when you get creative. Even the smallest of spaces can be worked on with some furniture hacks and clever use of the room you have to work with.

These are our picks for the most beautiful small balconies, all of them with tips and inspiration so you too can create the perfect balcony.

1. Folding furniture is your friend

Folding furniture will save you!
Folding furniture will save you! Source: Wannabe Magazine

One of the best tips for small balconies - and one you’ll see repeating a lot on this list - is the use of foldable furniture.

You can easily transport and unfold the furniture on the balcony wherever you want (or wherever it fits), and just as easily take it out if necessary.

2. Candles and plants

Candles and plants are awesome additions to your small balcony.
Candles and plants are awesome additions to your small balcony. Source: Balcony Garden Web

Candles add a nice rustic touch to an outdoor space, especially during fall and winter.

Here are some lantern ideas you can use:

3. Tiny Furniture

Tiny furniture rocks!
Tiny furniture rocks! Source: Digs Digs

Another great hack for small balconies (or small spaces in general) is making use of tiny furniture.

These are, as the name says, tiny pieces of furniture that are usually smaller than what you would normally find AND can be folded or stored away easily. That way, you don’t have to sacrifice space for furniture - you can have both!

4. Classy & Minimal

Classy stuff doesn't have to be expensive!
Classy stuff doesn't have to be expensive! Source: Domino

If you’re not convinced by tiny furniture yet, take a look at this classy example of how to make good use of it.

With just two chairs and a small half table, your small balcony becomes the perfect relaxing spot with room for coffee or tea.

5. DIY light strings + tiny furniture

It's all about the details.
It's all about the details. Source: Woohome

Once again, the beauty is in the details.

The tiny table and chairs (check this one out) are simple enough, but the decoration takes the cake here - check out just how rich and vibrant this tiny balcony looks because of the hanging light strings. Conjure up something like this and your balcony will forever be the most romantic spot in the apartment!

6. Tiny balcony + even tinier furniture

Once again, tiny furniture saves the day.
Once again, tiny furniture saves the day. Source: Paper Blog

Tiny furniture really is the best for small balconies. In this case, a really, really, really tiny balcony, but even then, hope is never lost.

This kind of furniture can be acquired for cheap at places like IKEA and then customized to suit your style. For example, you can learn a few brilliant DIY IKEA hacks to personalize your home!

7. Creative products and hacks

Creative products can add space and charm to your small balcony.
Creative products can add space and charm to your small balcony. Source: Modish Space

One of the most useful things you’ll find if you can’t fit a standing table on the balcony is a table that hangs from your railing. It’s small, cheap, easy to clean, and even easier to store away if needed. Plus there are tons of different designs out there to choose from.

8. Clever use of rail desks

Clever products that save you space.
Clever products that save you space. Source: Woohome

This beautiful plastic table is of German design - Michael Hilgers is the mind behind a series of products for Rephorm that use the railing as support. You can find the original product here!

However, you can also find other rail desks that are just as useful and easier to get like:

9. A hint of nature

A bit of nature is always good.
A bit of nature is always good. Source: My Domaine

A combination of some trends we’re already seen here: the foldable furniture, the DIY light strings, and the plants - but we’ve yet to talk about the latter:

10. Straight to the point

Simple and efficient is the rule here.
Simple and efficient is the rule here. Source: Design Home Decoration

With no flurries at all you can create the perfect spot to have:

  • a conversation with a friend
  • a romantic dinner with a loved one
  • a chill spot to work outside the office

Did you like these small balcony ideas? Did any of them inspire you? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to follow us on Facebook!

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